what is the most underrated and overrated mac lipstick?


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Overrated: agree with Lollipop lovin I can only wear it paired with Smile dazzleglasse.
St Germain, Lavander whip, two horrible horrible colours on me
VGV I'm all for a nude lippie but wearing this or wearing nothing is the same thing for me!
Cutester another one which doesn't show on my lips at all.

Underrated I'm not really sure but maybe VGVI, just because I hear a lot of VGV being perfect for everyone (again not for me!) while this one is the perfect nude lippie for me.
I concur about Strawbaby it's a very nice colour, very wearable (sp?), actually if someone could suggest me some dupe I would be very grateful


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I don't know of too many overrated ones because i seem to like all the LE lipsticks but most underrated for me is Strawbaby i adore this color and can actually where it ( i need to pick up a back up) and Body Suit i don't know why but i love this color yes it's a nude but i have super pigmented lips and it works well.


Overrated: Snob

Underrated: EMBRACEABLE!!!! I love it!!! It's my perfect everyday color...Sweetie, Bombshell and Rambling Rose!


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Don't know of any overrated ones.

But, Syrup is underrated for sure. Never heard many people mention it on here. And, it is my favorite MAC L/S. It's just gorgeous.


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Over rated: Myth

Under rated: Crosswires. It works on almost everyone that i know of


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Overrated Rebel or Morange or Myth Underrated Viva Glam V or VI. How everyone does not own them is beyond me lol


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Tbh, reading these comments, not every color is meant for everyone so I don't know if a lipstick is truly "over or under-rated". Everyone has their preferences and not everyone can wear a blue based color etc. I'm pale, for instance, and Viva Glam V shows up lovely on me. It may not on others. And yeah,if you are a redhead, you probably are not going to look good in snob or maybe you do. Js.


overrated- creme cup. terrible application, melts, slips off the lips and goes around your lip line, re-application constantly needed
underrated- captive. most versatile color as far as it could work with every liner and every eye look, it would work for every skin tone !!!