What is Your Favorite Quad?


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My faves are:

- Shadowy Lady
- Gentle Fumes
- Tempting

I am dying to get my hands on the Corps de Couleur Quad but I haven't found it for a reasonable price yet.


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Favorite Quads of all time:
1) Inventive
2) Thunder Eyes
3) Corps de Colour

Sounds like alot of other people like those too!

For those of you that didn't get a chance to try Sweet Tea -- it was pretty unique color assortment but I didn't reach for it too much. Ended up swapping/selling this one away.

From the past years, I'd say these -- if you don't have similar colours in your collection:
1) Smoking Eyes
2) Spiced Chocolate
3) Pandamonium or Gentle Fume


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Loved the CoCs - got doubles of those but I have to admit that I wore out Untamed cause it was so easy to take on travel.

Just realized I never used Stowaways - how can that be?? Does anyone have a look or facechart using it?

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