What kind of 'eye' look to go with NARS Schiap?


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I did a search for this and all I came up with was Kitten e/s and black winged liner. That's my typical eye makeup look, so I wanted something a little bit different with NARS Schiap on the lips for my 21st birthday party. I considered the blue eyeliner look that Rihanna sported awhile back, but I could definitely use some other ideas!

I am NW15, brown eyes, dyed copper red hair for reference.

Thanks in advance!

Simply Elegant

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I usually do a matte or mostly matte look. I sometimes do a cut crease with a matte purple with a matte pink on the lid or sub a dark brown like showstopper for the purple and use an ivory colour with that on the lid.


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i like naked pigment all over the eye with something liek burnt burgundy or mufes 91 (i think?? its a dark red wine colour) in the crease, and a bit of a dark brown to deep the outer v and on the bottom lash line. pair with some not so dramatic falsies and voila!

Shadowy Lady

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I do either:

- a warm neutral look (I like to pair warm eyes with cool lips). I may used All that Glitters, Expensive Pink and Bronze and line with black liner
- pink and purple eyes for dramatic affect, I like to used MUFE shades in #26 and #92
- a matte neutral look with Blanc Type, Cork, Wedge, Espresso and Nars Bali e/s


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You could do dark blackened navy blue winged liner with blue glitter liquid liner on top for a fun look. Or try dark brown with gold glitter. Keep ur shadow neutral and shimmery like All That Glitters and Romp. And add some sexy dramatic lashes for sure!


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happy birthday! im turning 21 in a few weeks..

i think a brown smokey eye with the lipstick would be amazing. brown is still neutral enough to not look too overdone.


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also try some gold accent-- goldish toned highlighter on browbone and inner tear duct like vanilla pigment. will make your brown eyes pop.


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If you want something a little more "I'M TURNING 21, BITCHES" look I'd do a really nice sunshine-yellow on the lid blended out with some yellow glitter on top with black winged liner and some nice lashes!


I know you're a NC15, but I'm NC20.. and I'd definitely rock it. (Probably will for my 21st in a couple months!!)
Have a great birthday!

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