What's your Biggest MAC Regret?


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Not buying WW russian red because it is permanent. I regret it so much! Now I'm nearly obsessed with it


Even though I was buying makeup during the to the beach collection, I'm upset I skipped out on the pencils because now seeing them, I'm in love with the packaging !


Any of their foundations. I dont know what exactly is in it but all of the foundations I've tried have made me break out :(


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Not getting the Bianca B lipstick from the GV collection. It's not a shade I would ever use, not to mention it doesn't suit my skin tone but now I wish I had gotten it to complete the collection:(


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Buying lustre e/s. They are just terrible. The sparkle draws me in but they are horrible to use imo. No longer consider them so the regret is no more!


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Story of my life...

I pass down on collecions because I'm either not intrested, or don't have the desire to buy, and months or years later, when the product is not available anymore or it is super hard to find and $$$$$ on ebay, I see swatches or see it mentioned somewhere and I have to have it.


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Missing out on the following collections:

Temperature Rising
Venomous Villains
Alluring Aquatic (mostly for Goddess of the Sea and the lipglass, most of the EDES I liked are now perm.)
Missing out on all the EDSF's: Whisper of Gilt,etc. (Happy with SOG and OD)
Liqueur and Lust for Life l/g from Indulge

Buying Burmese Kiss from Bao Bao Wan. I've tried it with many liners and none help it look better, and the formula is too slippery for a matte.


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Buying both of those pigment stacks from the Surf Baby collection. They never get any use; they just sit in the back of my makeup drawer.


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Still regret not getting the Spiced Chocolate quad from CoC. I know people have it for sale, but I should have just gotten it then.

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