What's your Biggest MAC Regret?


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I regret getting Gutter Gal eyeshadow from that bowling collection (it’s an odd dirty matte white on me), Worldly Wealth blush from I think Moody Blooms Collection (darn thing makes cheeks look dirty) and TBH the whole punk couture collection is just sitting there. I dunno I’m just into juicy healthy lips nowadays instead of dark lips.


I just tried to remember any MAC purchase I regret and I really couldn't come up with a single one. Could be luck, but I've tried hundreds of products


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My only regret is buying anything from M.A.C
I can't understand why people like this brand it's so bad 😭

Just because their products didn't work for you doesn't mean they're terrible.

We have an entire section of these forums to talk about other brands (Cosmetics Discussion). How about going over there to talk about the brands you DO like?


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I've used the MAC Wipes for many years. Recently, the Micellar Water Wipes were on sale, so I grabbed those instead. They are so wet, they are almost dripping, and then it takes so much time for your face to dry. Sadly I have 2 more 80ct. packs. LOL Aside from that, I've loved MAC for a long time!


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I regret not getting spaced out brush, lollipop loving (I think that’s the name) lipstick and the peach ombré blush (can’t remember the name)