What's your favorite MAC foundation? And which do you hate?


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Ladies! I'm curious as to which MAC foundation we are loving!???
I changed my mind and I'm editing my original post.
I still like my Studio Fix applied with a fluffy brush. My HG is the Studio Finish Matte, but that was discontinued.
I keep trying to like the Studio Fix Fluid but I dont love it because it makes my skin look so dry and quite thick.
I am still liking the Select SPF and I've been setting it with powder to avoid the orange face.
I hate hate hate moistureblend. More like Criscoblend to me. But, after reading the posts below I think I will play with it while at work next week.
How about you?


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i like Studio Fix Fluid. the color looks pink and dark on me but i mix it with my moisturizer and its just a little bit perfect. i wear my studio fix as a tinted moisturizer now.


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I just recently purchased my first StudioFix, but it was extremely drying. It broke me out like crazy. The MAs did warn me that would happen. So I switched over to StudioFix and it's not too bad. Defintely better for drier skin and it has pretty good coverage.


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I like SPF Select, Studio Fix Fluid and the Studio Stick isn't bad it just has to be blended properly.


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I really enjoy the Hyper Real foundation. I think it can be hard because right now, I'm between two shades and it only goes in increments of hundreds, but other than that, I love the effect I get with it. I also like the natural MSF to seal it.

I used to like the Satinfinish, but after a while I realized that I didn't like the way it looked after I had worn it for a couple of hours. I still enjoy the Hyper Real and how it wears even after some time has passed.

Other than that, the studio sticks looked really nice, especially for contouring, but for some reason, I decided to hold off and not get them.


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favorites: studio fix fluid, moistureblend, studio tech, and mineralize satin finish. moistureblend and studiotech both work great, when applied correctly, though it can be tricky to master them. i love how convenient they are, though, since they can be thrown into my makeup bag quite easily, unlike bottled foundation, which i don't like carrying around.

i DON'T like select spf, the studio matte one, or the stick one.

i'm also still partial to my iman stick foundation, stila pivotal skin, and chanel powder compact.


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favorites: Studio tech , select tint & studio fix fluid
Hate : studio fix breaks me out and looks dry and cakey on me


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For those who dislike Studio Fix, try it with a kabuki brush. I get a much better finish this way; the sponge pretty much sucked.


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When I bought Studio Fix, the lady put it on me with a brush, on top of my regular makeup and I couldn't tell how it looked. Then I bought it, took it home and applied with my brush...and it looked like I wasn't wearing any makeup.
I started using sponges and its the only thing I can use to make the studio fix show up on me.


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I would have liked a few of them if they hadnt broken me out
too bad.


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my fave foundation is studio tech, it blends in well n gives me a glowy finish wen applied after moisteriser.
i hated using studio fix coz it dried my skin out.


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Studio Fix with a big brush is good. When I used applicator that comes with the powder, it looks to heavy on my skin.

The one foundation I don't really care for is the moistureblend- it breaks me out


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i like MSF natural and Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation. i like natural glowy looking foundation w/o heavy coverage.


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I've not tried but one MAC foundation so far, the Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation with SPF 15. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It makes my skin so pretty but I think it has been a factor in my recent breakout on my face so I'm still on the fence. I think I'll be going back to MAC to check out others. Best of luck finding the right foundation! I know how much of a pain it is!

Love Always Ivy

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love: studio tech - super nervous to try a mac foundation after studio fix powder scarred me (almost literally, see below), but i was pleasantly surprised that studio tech looked so great on my skin and didnt break me out :-D

hate: studio fix powder - gave me horrible painful cystic acne around my jaw for 3 weeks, no thank you buddy.


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msf natural pressed powder and satinfinish foundation.. also the airmist foundation.....

i haven't tried one i didn't like yet.. i've been very satisfied with these 3, so i haven't had reason to try more.


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every mac foundation i've tried (select spf, select tint, studio fix, studio tech, studio fix fluid) broke me out. i liked the Select Matte one, i found it at a CCO but i didn't think it was worth purchasing, I knew it wouldn't use it.