Which daytime moisturizer to get?!


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So i'm debating about getting a daytime moisturizer.. i had oily t-zone, combo skin during the summer.. but now that the weather has changed drastically as of late (extremely dry/cold and rainy).. my face is completey dry (well mostly around the nose) and some spots, but definitely not as oily as before.. it gets more dewy than anything..

i have a night-time face cream i use and love, but just need a daytime one to use prior to makeup application..

i had a few in mind - but thought i'd ask my fellow beauty junkies to help me out

i had in mind the following:
- MAC Moisturelush cream
- MAC Oil-Control lotion
- Bobbi Brown brown Protective Face Lotion

or any other recommendations you all had? since i have no idea what my skin is right now.. lol


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i am normal combo oily, and i love cliniques moisture surge cream gel, i used it day and night, it makes my skin so soft!!


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Huge fan of Clinique Super Defense SPF 25. Different formulas depending on skin's needs. Maybe check out the Dry Combination one to start?
THIS! I loveee Superdefense. Since I started using it, my skin is so much softer and so moisturized. I use the Dry Combination formula. I have dry skin between my brows and around my nose, and pretty much normal everywhere else. Little oily on my chin sometimes, though. My face is very indecisive


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Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing gel. I love it for the day, because it doesn't mess up makeup, or make me shiny.( I have combo skin)

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