which facial or body features arent you satisfied with?


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I have crooked nostrils... my nose is straight, but my nostrils are different shaped. How silly is that--how does that happen? I only noticed this perplexing issue like five years ago, and I remember thinking "was it always like that??!"
And WHY does that annoy me so much?

...well okay: the nostril issue, and the fact that my boobs shrunk (and they weren't that big to begin with) after having two kids/breastfeeding--WTF??! LOL


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Hmm lets see,

I hate my nose-there is like a 'ball' on the end.

My hair line is too high up, its gross.

My ear lobes curl & Ive always got picked on for it.

Arms are too fat.

Legs just the same.

Same with my pot belly its just ew. Ive lost weight & its still the same.

I have wide hips I dont like.

My boobs are too big. Im 18 & they kill my back, id do anything for smaller ones. But im scared to "go under the knive".

I think that covers it.


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I really don't like my nose, I don't want to say specifically why, but I am unhappy with it

The only other thing I really hate is my skin. It's been getting better b/c I've been using Proactiv, but I used to break out like mad.

I am pretty satisfied with everything else, except sometimes my hair is lion-ess and it takes SO much time to tame it. It's tiring *sigh*

Surprisingly I am OK with my eyes. When I smile though, they don't disappear, but for some reason my eyelids vanish. Weird.

Also I have been told I have a weird smile. I smile unnaturally/I don't know how to smile/ etc. Sad.


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I'm fine with my body (cept for the lack of boob but I'm 14... they'll grow haha)

I hate my nose, it looks like Victoria Beckhams
I hate my face shape
My skin is pretty bad on my face
My eyes... too small and I hate having blue eyes lol

Oh and my feet, I'm a dancer so they're pretty screwed up most of the time lol


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ohh boy where do I start? haha.

i have no boobs and a fat ass. That sums most of it up. haha.
I have small eyes. and my skin is NEVER clear. yucky. lol


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My face is really wide. Related my very large head, I suppose. But it's most obvious in pictures where my face is at an angle and I look much larger because my face just keeps on going and my jaw line isn't sharp enough to stop it...

And I have really short legs. They're the same length as my best friend, and she's four inches shorter than me... and no one would suggest she has long legs : P


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My eyelashes! They're short, fine, and ASIAN. GRAH. I want my boyfriend's lashes. LOL. Long, thick, lush.. AND a natural curl!!!! GRRRRR! lol.

I don't like my skin either. Pores, and blackheads. =(


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Hah!!! The shorter list would be what I am satisfied with. But since you asked, here's the mile long list...

~Thin hair
~Extra eyebrow fold on right eye
~Already getting some fine lines
~Crooked and/or missing teeth (thanks Dad)
~Slight Double Chin
~Neck wrinkle
~Slightly sagging boobs
~Arm flappies
~Stubby, fat fingers
~Large knuckles
~Upper back fat
~Lower back fat
~Tummy fat
~Cottage Cheese thighs
~Cushy Tushy
~Knee fat
~"Thick" calves
~Very painful toenails on big toes (they curve in very sharply on the sides and are incredibly hard), annnnnnd...
~Fat pinky toe on right foot b/c I broke it and scar tissue formed.

Whew!!! Yep, you guessed it, I have body issues.

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The only thing that I really don't like are my toes and width of my feet. Oh and I have some minor stretch marks on my hips.


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Oh, how I could go on...

I think my waist is unusually high, it just makes my torso look stumpy.
I hate my dry heels.
I also hate my big toes... don't go eeewww... I think they're hairy!
Chubby cheeks and shapeless eyebrows are also on my list.


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Moved it to Deep Thoughts in case someone doesn't want to post in an open forum.

I don't really like my nose but I've grown to accept it because I am against cosmetic surgery to some degree. I don't like my stomach either.

I just try to focus on the stuff I do like to not get too negative about myself.


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my cheekbones, they're alright but i'd really like amazing ones. my face can also look quite mean cos i have aa downturned mouth, it looks like i'm glaring when i'm not!


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I hate my teeth. They are crooked but I can't afford braces or anything. I also wish they would be whiter.

My nose has a HUGE bump in the middle. I was teased in elementary school, I look like a freakin witch.

I have this huge mole on the side of my face. I'd like to have it removed one day.

I hate my upper lip hair but that will be gone soon too.

Oh god, my stomach. I hate it hate it its HUGE, along with my love handle fat. My boobs are also way small.

I hate my curly hair, everyone says they love it, and I appreciate their compliments but I personally don't like it.

And my thighs are too flabby.



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my ankles!! they are so fat! They aren't cankles because my legs are muscular, but my legs are short too. Bleh!!!


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eh, my nose is slightly askew. I think I must have broken it at some point. Other people probably don't notice it but it drives me insane. Especially when I look at in pictures. Also, my skin is always breaking out and I dislike the fact that i'm only 24 and have frown lines in my forehead. I also have really big knuckles, which doesn't bother me so much except I think they are a precursor to arthritis.


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i can live with the vitiligo i have on my forehead (i've grown to think it's kind of cool). i can live with my jiggly bum. the scars on my arms aren't so bad. funny feet. big thighs. meh. it's all part of being me.

but the belly. ugh. the post baby stretch-marked, stretched out and chubby belly. hate it!!

and if i could change my fine thin hair i'd probably do that too. but the belly would definitely be the first thing i'd change if i could!!


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- my lack of boobs. I'm 20 and a 34A. Even my younger sister has bigger boobs than me.

- my lack of butt. I have to work really hard to direct weight there, yet it also leaves from there faster than anywhere else.
- my skin. it's acne-prone and also scars easily, and is also WAY hairier than the skin of anyone else in my family.
- my stomach. it's all squishy and jiggly. nothing I do to tone it up seems to work.
- my side profile of my face. a direct shot looks fine, but from the side I have a really strange looking jaw/chin.

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