which facial or body features arent you satisfied with?


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I hate my acne on my face. It comes when I get my period and starts going away... and then my period comes again and it reappears... so my face is never clear!

Sometimes, I hate how small my asian eyes are.

I hate my square jawline.

I hate my back. I have bacne (acne on your back).

I hate my stomach, thighs (too big), and just my body shape overall. I'm really curvy, and it's hard finding clothes to fit my thighs, my buttocks, & my waist.

2008 - I'm going to try to fix these flaws though! The ones that I can.. heh.


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All this points to the fact that we really need to stop hating ourselves for what we're not...
and start loving ourselves for what we are.

You are all unique and beautiful women. Focus on doing the best you can with what you have...instead of hating yourselves for things you don't have that you don't have control over.

The "ideals" of beauty are thrust down our throats at every available opportunity by media, etc. But you know? I think there will be a trend toward unique unconventional beauties being seen as more than the homogenized, plastic beauties that are currently venerated. I think "different" is about due to be become the new beautiful.

You are all amazing. Your unique features are the things that make you you, give you character. I mean...scars and all. It all tells the beautiful story of who you are. Don't hate any part of your self, it's so very destructive and counter productive.

Improve the things you can that are under your control (like skin issues). Learn to love and cherish the things you don't.


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I "think" i have issues, but I guess I really don't. they're just a product of my overeating and laziness.

the only thing i'd really change is my nose. i hate the side profile and i have a large hump. but i am wayyyy too big of a baby to get a nose job i think. plus i feel that since i'm 24, i'm kinda too old for one. i dunno

right now i am kinda mad that i've gained 10 pounds over a month or so, but it's winter. i usually slim down in spring and summer when it's car show season, because i model at car shows and wear a lot more revealing clothes. i know if i got off the couch i could get the weight off... but this is coming from a rather skinny girl, so ignore this, haha

ooo, i do love my small boobies, though. i am a 34B, but i think more of an A & 1/2, haha. i've discovered how to make them look freaking huge when i need to (like when modeling) but it's nice to just be small the rest of the time.


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My measurements are 34 - 25 - 38. If I measure around the base of each of my legs, that's 23 inches, making each of my legs only two inches smaller than my waist. But halfway to my knees, the measurement of each leg is only 17 inches.

My thighs look like maracas. It's hard to find pants that fit me because pants that just fit over my butt hang loosely on my thighs. I have to buy swimsuit tops and bottoms separately because the top has to be small and the bottom has to be medium.

I've only gotten three pairs of pants in the past two years.


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i have no boobs. big thighs. my tummy needs toning.

oh, and i have a large ass, but i like that.


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There is alway something im not happy with but I deal with it and I move on. However, the thing i hate the most, and I cant get over, are my thighs. They are quite wide. I wish they were just a tinsy bit smaller(and not so jiggly:p)


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Here's the head-to-toe list:
Face shape in general-I have a very long, almost horse-like face. I've been insulted about it from a very young age-people wondered if I had been hit by a train. I also have a very mannish face shape.
Lips-I have literally no upper lip.
Nose-Very long, Neanderthal-esque.
Teeth-Not taking care of them ruins them. Also I have a very narrow jaw.
Arms-They're thin up top and at the wrists, but fat elsewhere.
Boobs-I like the size, but they are covered in stretch marks, they sag a lot, and they look smaller because they naturally go down and out.
Stomach-Never wants to get slimmer, also my ribcage is too big. Not to mention it looks really funny because I am a 36D, and am wide-boned in the stomach.
Hips-WAY too wide. I would love to take a good 8" off of my hips. It's to the point where I have to buy jeans to fit my ass and hips, not my waist.
Butt-Too big, too flabby, just an annoyance. I don't want to be curvy.
Legs-So short I have to get short-length jeans hemmed (27" inseam=not fun). Not to mention enough veins to make a road map.
Thighs-Fat, won't slim, just pockets of cellulite and fat.
Feet-Flat, wide at the ball of foot but otherwise narrow.

And it is better than what it was, since I've lost probably 20 pounds in the last two years, but I want to drop another 30.


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- Big protruding shelf ass, big old ho boobs - really, one or the other would have been fine and manageable. I love clothes, but when I go shopping I have to prep myself mentally, as though i'm going into war.

- The inconvenience, expense and look of body hair - everywhere.

- Feet. but i hate everybodys feet - the look, the word - i'm just one of those people.


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My nose... wish it was a lil slimmer and not keen on my body - just need to lose some weight and I wouldnt mind it so much...

I also dont like my side profile - face on I look completely different/better!


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I don't like my nose & my legs.
My nose was broken when I was younger. No one notices but I do. It looks crooked to me.

I don't like my legs @ all. I'm short. I'm 5'2" so they look thick & stocky.


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Facial/body hair - urgh and seeing as im light-skinned with black hair is even worse
I love bleach

Overall body shape, i would LOVE to have a smaller waist

I'd like bigger boobs - i'm an A/B cup

I like the size of my thighs, they're meaty but i'd like them to be toned rather than flabby.

My nose is a tad too big i think...

I have really bad skin (on my face) due to acne...scarred and never clear, also combination skin with some really dry, flaky spots
it's a bitch to work with.

my back and shoulders are too broad.

stretchmarks on the sides of my bum.

I always look angry because i have such a serious face...dunno why though, but yeah i don't like looking unapproachable

and last but not least i have a love/hate relationship with my height..I'm 5'

I'm working on learning to love myself though, and my self-confidence is really increasing


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Oh i forgot to add. I don't like the stretch marks on my stomach and I have saggy breasts, but i've come to realize these are quite superficial and if i really wanted to change them i could, but i'm not into surgery.

M.A.C. head.

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I hate everything about my body right now. I gained the average amount of weight while I was pregnant, and it wasn't so bad, but then after I had her I just started packing on the pounds. I have a huge gut, it's disgusting. My breasts are way too large, I need a reduction ASAP. It's really hard on my body in general. I'm constantly in pain, especially in my legs, because my body frame was never meant to carry so much weight.

Other than that I'm okay.

I used to hate my nose, but my daughter's nose looks just like mine, so I'm just going to love it for what it is. I can't have my daughter mirroring me like that. She's beautiful just as she is.


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My body is an absolute trainwreck!
I am 28 years old, 5'4, 112 lbs and usually a size 0. Everyone looks at me clothed and says "you're so skinny." But they see me covered up.
When I had my son almost 3 years ago, I gained all my weight in my stomach and upper thighs. Now I am left with a whole bunch of loose skin and stretchmarks on these areas. I also went from a C cup to now barely an A. My boobs are covered in stretchmarks and saggy- they look like someone put a ping pong ball in a tube sock!
I religiously use cocoa butter and firming lotion on these areas and have seen a slight improvement in the color of the stretchmarks, but thats it!
I would like to start dating again, but I am sooooo self-conscious that I don't even like being seen in a bikini!


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I generally dislike my body, especially my legs they aren't particularly long and are a bit chunky at the tops. I've always had body and food issues I don't think I'll ever more away from the 'fat' mindset. I have never ever worn a bikini, that's one thing I'd really like to do. In reality I'm told I am very slight/skinny but I just don't see it myself.

I'm also not satisfied with my bad skin, it's ghostly white, I'd love the have olive skin and nice skin too. Without all the acne/scars and dry areas.

Other than that I'm happy with my facial features, have reasonably large green eyes, a nose that's not too big and is very straight, reasonably sized lips, white straight-ish teeth and nicely shaped eyebrows. No complaints there really!


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I like everything except my right foot; it has 7 titanium screws in it and is covered with scars. But it's functional, so whatever.


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the pores on my nose suck, and i wish my hair was naturally straight w/ volume at the roots so i didnt have to spend 2 hours on it lol i can deal with my flaws besides those.


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Girls, i know its very personal, but come on! Look at yourselves!
You are gorgeous! Honestly. I have seen some of you in FOTD's, and then saw that girls posting here.
I bet all of you are gorgeous, but from those who i saw - CantAffordMac - cmon, girl! Big boobs and thin legs is great, and your avatar looks so cute. Same goes to Nunu, come on! I saw you in tut's and fotd's, you have such an exotic beauty. MissPumpkin is so beautiful too, come on, i saw your photoshoots, what are you talking about? Really ladies,

As for me, i have lack of boobies, and fat legs :/ Oh, and add here no willpower for the diet.. I gotta lose 5 kilos.
And i have constant dark circles under eyes

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