which facial or body features arent you satisfied with?


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I hate my WEIGHT. (5'0 126.4 lbs) wish I could use 10lbs.. or 15
my pale paaaale legs.. which are so pale, you could see where my hair follicles are.
acne. it's on my face, back, and chest. -___- the good thing is that its pretty mild..
facial skin
my cheeks! theyre sooo big.
ugly crooked teeth

the hair on my stomach and behind.
the huge pores on my nose and cheeks.
the bump on my nose!
andd my eyes look pretty stupid sometimes..
ughh i could go on FOREVER.


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I Hate My body i need to lose weight - iam very bottom heavy which i like (yaaay to all the curvy girls!) but my legs are not toned like i would like them they are so wobbly!

I dont like my flabby arms need to tone them up big time aswell.

My Stomach i hav a small waist compared to the rest of my body ( which i love) but it gets bloated super easy (i drink alot of soda and what not)

My nose i dont like the bottom part of it its kinda htick and round.

I had braces andmy teeth kidna reverted back they are no where near as bad tho but hopefully they wont move anymore! ive always wanted to get my teeth whitining! I should really stop drinking coffe and soda they are the devil - iam a full blown addict to these not to mention the choclate!

Oh yeah iam middle eastern so im naturally super hairy!! yuck-o!

If i could find the motivation to hit the gym again and tone up my body id be more accepting of my body, but u know the drill ladies...we all want what we cant have!


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I would like to change by breasts. I would like them to look like they belong to a woman the age I am rather than one 20 yrs older.
I know the surgical proceedure I want, but I know I will never have the courage to have an aneasthetic let alone a boob job.

Basically I have just learnt to love the imperfect lump I am.


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the things i want to changed can be fixed in the gym so i just need to get off my lazy ass and stop being so excited about food and be more excited about the gym lol. then i'll be good


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I don't like my weight, I want to lose 10 pounds or so.
I don't like my big nose, it looks funny with my small eyes which I also don't like.
Teeth. My 2 front teeth are fake and yellowing because of it, and the rest are white-ish. Fake teeth can't be whitened. It looks horrible and I wish my teeth were pretty and white.
Butt, stomach, thighs.
Eyebrows, they don't grow in properly anymore.
I have a horrible complexion, very oily and acne prone.
And last but not least, my height. I'm already on the tall side at 5'8 but would LOVE to be 5'10 or so.


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I've never really liked my nose, I want it to be smaller.
My nails are straight, no matter how much I file them, they never seem to go oval.
My eyes are quite small (I'm half Asian and near-sighted so that might be why
), I've always wanted doe eyes.


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My nose. It's about the right size and protrude-ness, but I feel like it's a bit too round at the tip.

My skin. The color of it is great, I think, but I have had the worst acne for over a year now, just started decreasing a bit. I have splotches everywhere. Luckily, it's temporary, just until the outer layers subside. Most will fade.

My calves and knees. The rest of me is slender and kind of birdlike, but I have not-so-tiny calves that aren't the best shape and these knobby knees.


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My stomach and legs. I'm short, but I have HUGE thighs and calves from playing sports in high school. It's not cute. And stomach is, of course, a problem area - cuz I like food and hate the gym. lol Hopefully will be changing the latter part next week...when my friend drags me kicking and screaming to the gym! lol


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Im not generally unhappy with myself but I could use improvement on my weight (thighs, hips, would go for slightly smaller boobs). I'd love if I could have clear/even toned skin on my face so I could go without makeup sometimes. Im not thrilled with my teeth but not so much that Im willing to actually do anything about it. Other than that Im a pretty happy camper.


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I try to be grateful and thankful with what I have. And accept myself with it's good parts and flaws BUT I wouldn't mind the following

Longer legs. I inherited the long torso, short leg gene from my mother's side. Because of this I feel very self-conscious about my thighs and butt and feel stocky when I'm not wearing heels.

Getting rid of dark circles/bags under my eyes. I've always had them, no amount of sleep or concealer will ever get ride of them.

Thinner thighs. See above.

Prettier feet. Yeah, I have parts of my body that is nice, my feet are NOT one of them.

It would be kinda nice, but really not all necessary if my boobs were bigger. I really shouldn't complain. They are proportionate and don't sag but small...lol.

I have lost 9lbs working hard at the gym and have 4 more to go, so no complaints on that.


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My double chin and upper arms, i'm not joking my upper arms are extremely big for my body and it really makes getting tops and dresses very hard as i'm very self consious about it.

I swear if i wore a sleeveless top in a strong wind i'd take off my bat wings are so big lol.


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My weight - but then I love food, hate the gym, so if I could moderate that I'd be fine!!

I really dislike my skin on my face. I suffered bad acne during the last years of my marriage and although its largely cleared up now and the scars are fading, I still get one or two spots on a regular basis. I get terrible skin envy.


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large head
large chin
weird profile
nose too round ish
fat legs
fat stomach
fat arms
no butt
droopy eyelids
wide rib cage


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my thighs, stomach and bum. but those would all improuve if i would work out. i just havent found the proper motivation

my boobs. i hate hate hate my boobs. they are too big, and already have too much sag. i hate them. i dont understand women that want large breasts. they are all men ever look at. Bra shopping is a nightmare. clothing does fit properly. my back always kills me. they SUCK. and no, they would not get smaller if i worked out. ive been the same size since grade 10, and ive been told by doctors that i donts tore fat in my breasts, they are all glandular (lucky me), so im stuck with em till i can afford the surgery. Unlucky for me, the government of canada requires a certain amount to be removed for it to be covered by medicare (250 g from each) and that would leave me with about an a cup. i would LOVE a healthy b.

i wish my brows were a touch higher...


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You ladies are so crazy -- I've seen the FOTDs on here (and I follow some of your blogs) and you're all gorgeous! Shush!

I try not to tear myself down too much as my husband gets really upset when I do -- but I don't like my thighs either, like many girls on here. My chest has evened out over the years so at least I'm an hourglass now, but my thighs look SO ridiculous in certain pants/skirts. It makes finding a pencil skirt nearly impossibly since my waist is so small and my butt/thighs are so big. There's not much I can do to lose weight on them, the majority of the shape is muscle so if I bike ride or run, they will just get bigger. (I always call them corn dog thighs! LOL)

My eyebrows -- my eyebrows are naturally sparse and BLACK, whereas my hair is a medium auburn, so I can't use tinted brow gel or anything. I'm pretty much left with using eyeshadow to fill them in and it gets so tiring every day. I'm getting to growing my fringe out so you can't see them, and just not doing them. If they weren't so sparse, they'd have a nice natural shape! Grrr.

My torso... I have a short length from the top of my shoulder to the top of my boobs, and also a short midsection so under my ribcage to my hip bones. It makes finding tops a nightmare. They are made for not only someone taller, but for someone with a longer torso. I usually have to buy XS in most tops even though I have a larger chest for someone who wears an XS, and sometimes that size just won't work. But if I go up to a small, the shoulders are saggy and the waist is too low!

Yay for being women! :)


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My nose has a bit of a bump, and it's slightly crooked. I don't like that. Most don't notice it until I point it out, or say it's not that significant, but I really would like to get it fixed. I plan to, someday.

Further, I hate my stomach. After 2 back-to-back pregnancies, and my skin type, it's such a nasty deflated balloon. And then any fat that I put on just sits in it and hangs down. Ewww. Once I'm done having kids, I will most definitely get a tummy tuck. It's not a maybe, it's not negotiable. I will get it, no matter what.


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I hate my nose ! Really , it's big ... My face is too round but with time I can handle it...
My Stomach is big too even if I'm thin, if I eat even a strawberry it seems like I'm pregnant, I feel so ashamed of it really...


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I will say I like my hair and my eyes. That I WILL brag about.

4'11 sisters!!

And I forgot to say my nose is strange.... the bridge is just not nice and straight and narrow but i cant describe it...it's not bumpy going down the bridge but the sides are if that makes sense.

I like my profile but hate my face front way....my face is so asymmetrical :( my mouth is down-turned so i always look angry/pissed off...my teeth are too big and i have an overbite so looks even worse,,,,and they're pretty yellow :(

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