which facial or body features arent you satisfied with?


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I like my profile but hate my face front way....my face is so asymmetrical :( my mouth is down-turned so i always look angry/pissed off...my teeth are too big and i have an overbite so looks even worse,,,,and they're pretty yellow :(

You're kidding right? Just had a peek at some of your past FOTDs and you're really pretty and that includes angles at which you recon you look 'asymmetrical' (you don't!)


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Aww, thanks so much, it felt lovely reading that :) it's probably only me who notices it and makes a big deal out of it lol but that's what us girls are like right?


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My self-image has generally gotten better over the years, but I still have the same doubts I always have...

- Never liked my nose. I don't mind it from the side, but I hate it from the front- too round
- I've always had problems with my weight. I seem to take on weight easily, so even when I concentrate and take some off, it comes back. I'm 5'2" and generally around 125lbs. I can get myself below 110lbs fairly quickly, but it takes a concerted effort. More than that and I basically have to starve myself.
- I'm short-waisted, which I hate. I'd love to have that nice, elongated torso and waist that most women seem to have. I go in and flare out very quickly... it's hard to find clothes that flatter.
- My breasts are too big. Yes, there is such a thing. I'm a D-cup and my rib cage is fairly wide-set, which makes them look even bigger... Sigh.


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I hate my eyes (asian eyes, with very thin hidden crease that are almost non existent) But i have since come to terms with it and adjust my make up accordingly to my eye shape


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This is going to sound strange but I hate my fingers. They're average length but even at my skinniest weight (105ish) they were so chubby and sausage-like. It makes me very self conscious--I don't even like to take photos of my nails, even if they were really nicely done. I also really hate my face shape (round) and upper arms--same thing, they seem to be where all my fat goes. Sigh.


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Honestly, I have the worst self esteem ever. It would be easier to list the features that I DO like.... which would be my hair (because it's pink. lol) and my feet, because they're the only skinny part on my body.


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i also forgot to mention my hair. it only cooperates when i blowdry + straighten... it is never just naturally nice fresh out of the shower.


My chest (I've started saving for surgery to get it fixed)

My chin (Dunno if I'll get surgery for that one because it will probably fix itself if I decide to take T)

My hips.

Other than that, I like my body especially since I started doing the weight training.


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I know this is weird, but I hate my cheeks. Every time I try to smile in a picture my cheeks poof out like a blow fish making me look HIDEOUS.


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There are a lot I am not satisfied with my body and facial features that sometimes effect my confidence but writing about helps me forget... if that makes any sense. here goes

  • body hair grows fast
  • chubby cheeks
  • huge thighs
  • little small bumps around my chest that won't go away
  • flat/ wide nose
  • no shape to my eyebrows
  • uneven skin tone
  • short
  • and the list goes on

anyways, hope i can get over these


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several to mention but with age we get over it according to my mom. when ladies reach certain age we just start loving our body the way it is, more.... hopefully i'd too


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- My height, I want to be an inch or two taller
- My boobs. They're oddly shaped and too big on the top half.
- My nose. Everyone says it's fine, but I think it looks weird.
- My skin. Never seems to clear up completely no matter how hard I try.
- My stomach. I gain weight here really easily so I look bad quick in that area, even through gaining a few extra pounds.

I swear there's more, but I can't think of anymore just yet.


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My hooded eyes, which have been made worse by me being allergic to everything and having eczema. Speaking of which I have a HORRIBLE eczema scar right under my nose. It makes me look like hitler.


I'm going to go ahead and say tummy. I know it's not out of control and I don't have what my brother refers to as the "dunlap syndrome" but I feel as though no matter how many situps I do or crunches, I just can't get the four pack. I don't think my body is built for it! We see them in magazines and models can wear any top they like, all while tucking their tops in perfectly into their jeans. That's not me and it will never be and I am okay with it most of the time, but gosh darn it, how awesome I would feel if I could pull that off. ;-)
My thighs cause since I do dance they are kinda toned but in quite a bulky way and since they are muscle they are SO hard to get rid of!

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