Williamsburg, VA CCO (Prime Outlets at Williamsburg)


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Re: Williamsburg, VA-- anyone?

I've never been there, but the last I heard of it was about a yearish, maybe less, ago and people said it was pretty good.

Might I ask why you went to Arundell Mills? Wouldn't Leesburg or Potomac Mills be closer?


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Re: Williamsburg, VA-- anyone?

Oh, I'm originally from MD (Columbia) and was up there visiting my Mom! lol

Thanks for the info!


Re: Williamsburg, VA-- anyone?

I went there like a couple of weeks ago n i thought it had a lot of good mac stuff... they had formal black eyeshadow compacts in intense eyes and cool eyes, porcelain pink msf, all the natural msfs, i got an older basic brush set.. i think patternmaker?? ... lots of full size brushes, lots of eyeshadows (from lure collection n others) some pigments .. well it had a lot of variety of stuff... more than the first time i went, so i guess it depends.. but yeah i cant wait to go again....
my bday is in march n im planning to go again...

to add... i still think the one in Potomac Mills is still better but thats a lot farther from me... i live in Va beach.

(anyone else go to williamsburg n find good stuff??)


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Re: Williamsburg, VA-- anyone?

I've been wanting to go up to Williamsburg for a while. I've lived in Hampton for 23 years and have NEVER hit the outlets there. Can you believe it? Anyways, anyone know the exact address?


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I was at this CCO on April 20th. They were pretty stocked.
-LOTS of blushes and cream blushes, including several LE's (Maidenchant blushcreme and Shy Angel sheertone shimmer blush for example)
-Light, Medium Dark, and Dark MSF naturals
-Loads of eyeshadows (Mancatcher, Aquavert, Black Tied from Lure, In Living Pink, Relaxing, Bateau from Sundressing, plus lots more from the regular line)
-Several chromeglasses
-Lipstick in Pink Apertif, Pink Maribu, plus more LE's
-Lots of lipglass
-Baumy Bronze & Aquamelon TLC
-Shell Pearl and Sunsparked Pearl beauty powders
-Several pigments (Accent Red, Blue Brown, Night Light, Sunpepper, Shimmertime, Fairylite, plus a couple others)
-The usual smattering of foundations/concealers/powders
-Skincare (Fix+, Cleansing Oil, etc in old packaging)
-Quads (Well Plumed, Boy Beauty, Free to Be, Sweetie Cake)
-Holiday '06 palettes and lip sets
-182 brush for around $32
-Assortment of shadesticks/kohls/powerpoints/technakohls
-Couple fluidlines (Delphic, Haunting, Iris Eyes)

Also had a couple BB shimmerbricks (Gold and Peony)
CCOm Prime Outlets Williamsbrug Va.

Here's my haul from my trip to Prime Outlets.

From CCO
Well-plumed quad
Man Catcher e/s
Chartru paint
Liquid Last eyeliner Classic Cream and Greenplay
Chrome Glass in pastel Polish

Also two pairs of shoes from 9 West for $35.00
And my best deal, mini hobo from Michael Kors retails $198 and I got it for $50!

La Ilusion

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I made my first trip to the Williamsburg Prime Outlets CCO today. I got Copperclast pigment, Petalpoint powder blush, and Bare Fetish lipglass (I wish I had gotten two because I really like it).

My Mom got In Living Pink e/s.

I wish I could remember what else they had. LOL!


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Visited the CCO this past weekend, here's what I remember:

Softwash Grey
Quick Frost

Floral Fantasy
Rose Blanc
Lavender Sky
the pink/purple mineralized duo

A couple of Tendertones, some Slimshines, including Kissable, Fix+, Strobe Cream and other skincare in the old packaging, Silverbleu S/S, Sweetie Cakes quad, Novel Twist kabuki and bag, Blue Peep F/L, 187, 217, 224, 219, 210 brushes, a lot of paints, etc.

Hope that helps someone!


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Went again this past week - they have a ton of new stuff!

Jewel Blue E/S
Zonk Bleu! E/S
Woodwinked E/S
Firespot E/S
Cocomotion Pigment
Peachykeen Blush
Peachtwist Blush
Plumfoolery Blush
Vivacious L/S
A bunch of Mattenes, including Poise
Uppity F/L
Northern Light MSF
Gold Spill MSF
Global Glow MSF
Glissade MSF


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They got lots of new stuff now!

-All 3 McQueen Paint Pots and Shadows
-A couple of the Heatherette Pencil Duos
-The Royal Assets palettes, and all of the sets (pigments, glosses, etc)
-A ton of MSFs, including Lightscapade, Porcelain Pink, Shimpagne, Warmed, Light Flush, and Gold Spill
-A ton of blushes, including Emote
-A ton of Slimshines and Mattenes
-Rubenesque, Artifact, Blackground, Indianwood, Moss Scape, and more paint Pots
-A ton of d/c shadesticks, including Sharkskin, Royal Hue, Corn, and Sea Me
-Fix+ in the new packaging, Prep+Prime, Wipes, MU Removers, etc


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was just there on saturday, they have a TON of stuff. this cco is so much b etter than my home cco in grove city pa! they have bronzescape and sun power solar bits, all 4 royal assets palette and the cool piggie set, a ton of the mattenes, slimshines, lipglasses and lipsticks. 2 quads in take wing and sweetie cake, a TON of piggies including sweet sienna and gold stroke... 7 MSFs in gold deposit, shimpagne, porcelain pink, lightscapade, warmed, light flush, and there was one more i'm blanking on, both moonbathe blushes, shadesticks, paint pots, the mcqueen stuff, novel twist both palettes and brush sets and 2 of the lipglasses.... thats all i can think of right now!

lmk if you're looking for anything in particular i may remember more by name!


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Originally Posted by LM_MAC_MAVEN
Does anyone know if the CCO's ship??

Is there a place where the phone numbers are listed?? Thanx all!

the cco's will not ship or take purchases over the phone, or even quote prices for that matter
the phone number for the particular cco you're looking for will be on the outlets directory page. HTH!


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Originally Posted by soco210
the cco's will not ship or take purchases over the phone, or even quote prices for that matter
the phone number for the particular cco you're looking for will be on the outlets directory page. HTH!

That sucks.. I really want the MSF in Lightscapade and Shimpagne, but don't live around the area... Dang.


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I went about a week ago and they had alot of the matte2 eyeshadows. They also had Expensive Pink.

I really like the texture of the matte2 eyeshadows. I got Flourishing, Copperplate, brown script, and tete a tint. I also got Cranberry lipliner.

They had most of the Stylistics lipglass, tendertones and lip conditioner.

They had alot of other stuff but, I was only looking at the eyeshadows and lip liners.
i was here this past weekend. i purchased blot powder loose in medium dark, beauty powder blush in shy beauty, and select cover-up concealer in NC42.

thank goodness they were out of NC42 studio fix fluid, otherwise i would have had a fit. they had the 187 i bought last week for $29.50, which really upset me. i should have waited 4 days!

i think i will go back this weekend since it is only 30 mins from my house; i would like to buy more blushes and pigments and check out the e/s since i made myself stay away from them. they had a few quads i want to pick up and LOTS of lip colors. it was heaven for a mac newbie.


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Made another trip yesterday. Here's what I remember:

Gold Stroke
Dark Soul
Lovely Lily

Gorgeous Gold
Evening Aura (Neo Sc-Fi)
Time and Space (Neo Sci-fi)
Expensive Pink
Femme Noir
Post Haste
Pen n Pink
Signed, Sealed
Poison Pen
Rose Blanc
Pagan (McQueen)
Claire de Lune (Moonbathe)
Rite of Spring

Joyous BPB
Feeling BPB
Trace Gold
Spaced Out (Neo Sci-Fi)
X-Rocks (Neo Sci-Fi)
Afterdusk (Moonbathe)
Otherwordly (Moonbathe)
Lots of creme blushes

Light Flush and Gold Spill MSFs

Cash Flow, Green Stroke, Perky, Layin Low, Girl Friendly, Rollickin, Electro Sky, and a brown paint pots

1N,2N, brown and reddish colors from Neo Sci-Fi, Blankety, Myth, Fleshpot, Eager, Vegas Volt lipsticks

A bunch of Fluidlines including Royal Wink, Dipdown, and Blacktrack

Heatherette lashes and both BPs

Colour Forms green brush set


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Just wanted to let anyone know who was interested that the cco will be doing 10% off for Pajama event from 12am - 3am on Friday!! I know I'm definitely gonna be there!!