Williamsburg, VA CCO (Prime Outlets at Williamsburg)


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Fafi Eyes 1
Fafi Eyes 2
Shadowy Lady Quad
Tempting Quad
Heatherette BP - Alpha Girl
Dark MSF Natural/Shimmer DUO
A ton of mineralized e/s
A huge lot of eyeshadows
187 brush
Christmas 07 and 08 eyeshadows sets
Nordys Summer 08 excl blush
Originally Posted by TheWorldsDresse
Fafi Eyes 1
Fafi Eyes 2
Shadowy Lady Quad
Tempting Quad
Heatherette BP - Alpha Girl
Dark MSF Natural/Shimmer DUO
A ton of mineralized e/s
A huge lot of eyeshadows
187 brush
Christmas 07 and 08 eyeshadows sets
Nordys Summer 08 excl blush

I haven't been there since at least January and this is the exact same stuff. They need to restock!!!


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Hi, anyone been to this cco lately? my sister is going to stop in for me I think on Monday and I'd like to get an idea of what they have so she doesn't have to list it all on the phone, lol. tia.

Miz Pina

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Abby - My sister just went down to Williamsburg yesterday and I asked her to check out the CCO for me. If I hear anything from her, I'll update.


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Thanks Miz Pina, my sister actually called me today and was there. Here's some of what they had:
-Mineralize Blushes in: Gleeful, Merrily, Love Thing, Nuance, Warm Soul
-MES in: Two to Glow, Pink Split, Odd Couple, Fresh Green Mix
-reg e/s: Neo Sci-Fi, Cool Heat, Naughty Nauticals, Matte2, Fertile, Claire de Lune, Rose Blanc, Starflashes, etc.
-LE Brushes: 183, 185, 179
-Brush sets from Holiday 08 and Color Forms
-Pearlizer & 181se set from Holiday 08
-Paint Pots: Girl Friendly, Rollickin, Greenstroke and one more I forget
-Hothouse l/g
-Pigments: Violet, Lovely Lily, Fairylite, Vis-A-Violet (all violets, lol)

And that's pretty much all I was interested in so I didn't see about other items. HTH!


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Anyone been in this CCO lately? It's an hour drive from my house and I'm looking mostly for the yellow neo sci fi polish and anything newer.


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Went to the CCO yesterday - they have lots of new stuff.

+About 20 pigments/glitters - Heritage Rouge, Spiritualize, Copperbeam, 3D Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, Reflects Blackened Red, Reflects Bronze, etc
+About 25 e/s - Cool Heat, Gulf Stream, Girlie, Haux, Vellum, Time & Space, Poison Pen, etc
+Both CCBs from Ungaro
+Petticoat, Gold Deposit, Light Flush MSFs
+A bunch of past holiday palettes, including Smokey palette from Red She Said
+Love Thing, Merrily, Warm Soul mineralize blushes
+A bunch of beauty powder blushes including Sweetness, Stark Naked, Joyous, etc

That's all I can remember, but they were pretty well-stocked.

Here's what I bought:

Girlie eyeshadow
Haux eyeshadow
Vellum eyeshadow
Vex eyeshadow
Plink! lipstick
Sweetness BPB
Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry Pot Rouge


Miz Pina

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Just got back from our annual Williamsburg vacation and of course no trip is complete without a stop or two at the CCO. They had a great selection! Much better than is currently at Leesburg (for those in Northern Va) or at least since my last visit there.

Otherworldy, Spaced Out, X-Rocks
I’m not much of a blush hound but they had quite a nice selection of blushes & powders. Sorry, I don’t really know all the names.

Gold Mode
Vintage Gold
Lovely Lily
Viz A Violet
Antique Green
At least dozen or so total.

4 Glitters ^ Peacelover18 previously listed.

Blonde, Brunette, Petticoat, Gold Deposit & Light Flush MSFs

Trip Cool Eyes
Trip Warm Eyes
Trip Softsparkle Pencils
Trip Lip gloss trio

Holiday 2008 eye palettes
Holiday 2008 pencil & lipglass sets
3 Royal Assets 2007 palettes (1 silver, 2 gold)

All of Dame Edna
Both Fafi Quads
Heatherette Powder
Monogram Collection

3 Fragrances

Brush bag
Smaller sizes of hardside Matt Murphy bags (Black & Red)
Jacquard Medium Bag

Eye Shadows
Deep Shade
Meet the fleet
Blue Flame
2 other dark blues?
Mont Black
Talent Pool
Post Haste
Femme Fi
Claire de Lune
Top Knot
Rose Blanc
& at least 15 more (also a few in a basket on top of the display)

CCB 4 (Ungaro + 3 others)
Metal-X ( I think all)
MES – all the 2008 trios, family silver, earthly riches, hot contrast, fresh green mix. heat/element
Tempting & Shadowy Lady Quads

About 10 or so Mattenes (Bing & Kirsch)
Comet Blue Dazzleglass
20-30 Lipsticks for some reason every cco I pick up and look at retrofluid but never buy. This time was no different. Does this happen to anyone else?
Glosses, Gelees, Tendertones (Orange, purple, red, 3-4 others)

2 cups full of brushes 184, 187, 188, 211, 265, 209, and many many more
2006 brush set, basics
2008 brush set, basics
Colourform brush sets & novel twist shadow palettes

Rave & Black Russian Pearlglides
Orpheus & Raven Eye Kohls
I can’t remember if it was rave, raven or both. They had a few others too.

Sweet Sage
Blue Peep

2 other paints (Artjam? & Pixel?)

Nail Polishes
Beiged Bliss
And a few other meh nps. Until I get my whirlwind fix, I fear all other mac nps will be meh to me J Maybe the ones in the fall collection will ease my pain. Where are you whirlwind?!

I picked up
.Moonflower e/s
.Mont Black e/s
.Black Russian Pearlglide
.Frostlite Fluidline
.Petticoat MSF
.Kirsch Mattene
.Comet Blue Dazzleglass
.Sweet & Nice Tendertone

There is also a Designer Fragrances & Cosmetics Co in the outlets. For anyone into Lancome, they had:
Velvet Diary Palette
Daria ? palette
Couture Warms palette
Blush/Eye Palette
Powder with the elephant on it(?)
Several other eye shadow singles & palettes
5 nail polishes (the blue one, rouge ?, 3 others)
20 or so various lipsticks & glosses



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Good morning, everyone!

Sorry for such short notice, but I'm planning on heading out to the CCO later today and if anyone is interested in sharing a ride (I'll drive), please contact me via PM.

I'll be leaving the Hampton Roads area between 1130-Noon today unless plans suddenly change.

I also plan on visiting the new Bare Escentuals store at Prime Outlets which apparently opened on July 17th.


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I visited this CCO on my way to VA beach this past weekend. I've never gone to a CCO before and it was as awesome as I've heard.

I made a list of everything I remembered seeing but can't find it
I do remember seeing...

MSFs - Petticoat, Blonde (BBR), Redhead (BBR), Highlight powders - Dame Edna, Heatherette
E/S - Mineralized e/s (don't know the names, sry), a lot of Cool heat e/s, both Dame Edna trios, Tempting quad (Cult of Cherry)
CCBs - Both from the Ungaro collection
Blush - soo many X-Rocks (Neo Sci-Fi), ladyblush, a lot of creme blushes
Pigments - they had a couple, can't remember the names

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful with names, I was in a rush.


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Went back to the CCO a couple days ago. It had most of the usual stuff, with a few new additions:

Both Hello Kitty Quads
Both HK Blushes
Both HK Beauty Powders
HK Lipsticks: Cute-ster, Most Popular, Fresh Brew
2 HK Lipglasses: the purple and the orange I think
Blonde, Brunette, Petticoat, Gold Deposit, and the 2 Sugarsweet MSFs
Some Mineralized blush duos - Moon River, Love Rock, Hot Planet, Light Over Dark, Earth to Earth
4 Dazzleglasses - Comet Blue, Steppin Out, Glamour O.D., and Pleasure Principle

They also now have the American Beauty makeup line that's carried at Kohl's.

Here's what I picked up if you're interested:
Blonde MSF
Moon River Blush Duo
HK Lucky Tom Palette
Pucker Tendertone


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Was here yesterday, all of the things Peacelover mentioned were still there. They also had:
-Blushes: Emote, Blooming, Otherworldly, X-Rocks, Spaced Out, Enough Said, Stark Naked, Joyous, and of course the MBs mentioned above.
-Pigments: Spiritualize, Vintage Gold, Viz-A-Violet, Mega Rich, Mutiny, Circa Plum, Reflects Blackened Red Glitter, and a few others from the pigments released in 2008.
-Mineralize loose powder foundation in Medium and darker (no Light or Light Medium).
-3 HK lipsticks: Fresh Brew, Cutester, Most Popular
-Eyeshadows: Cool Heat e/s, Claire de Lune from Moonbathe, Starflash (Go, Mink & Sable, Star By Night, Lotusland), Matte2 (Pen'n Pink, Poison Pen), Fertile, Rose Blanc, Mont Black, Apres-Ski, Bitter, Surreal, etc. They had a TON of these.
-MES: Heat/Element, Brightside/Gallery Girl, Sea & Sky, Fresh Green Mix, and a bunch of others
-Shadesticks: Taupographic, Fresh Cement, Lucky Jade, Pink Couture, etc.

...and a ton more!

Pretty good CCO.


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Did they have the royal assets warm eyes palette? If so, would anyone be willing to CP me one prettty pleeeasseee?


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I believe they did have it. They had many different royal assets products. Unfortunately I was just there on vaca, I don't live there, so I can't CP


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It's okay. Thanks for offering if you could do it....that didn't make much sense but I hope you got it lol

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