WOC: Brunette Blonde Redhead


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i'm am so excited for this, it's ridiculous. i'm starting this discussion now, so we can get get some ideas on how everyone is feeling. january in just around the corner
so, what is everyone planning on picking up? my list is extensive

here are some links for reference:
color story
product images courtesy of bjooti.net


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Deep Shade e/s chignon l/s top knot e/s and maybe henna e/s .........dont think i would be getting any l/g saving for the d/g in H.K


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I like all the colors I haven't decided exactly what I'm getting but I do know I want the MSF, and at least 1 lipstick and lipglass, oh yea and all the shadows... such pretty colors!


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I know I want most of the Red and Brunette and Brushes...I will not know for sure until I see them in person...pictures can be deceiving....But cant wait to test them out as soon as they hit the Pro Floor!


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I want multiples of all three brushes. Redhead and Brunette MSF's and a few eye shadows. Maybe some lipsticks, but I have to see those in person.


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Now this is a collection for me. I'm aiming for the brushes, a few of the shadows, lipstick and MSF. Who am I kidding? I WANT IT ALL!!! LOL!!!


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Eventhough I'm a brunette I think i'm going to splurge on the redhead collection
I only like the brunette lipsticks...


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It's gonna be hard for me to decide. I know I want all of the MSFs, but the rest.......we'll see. Hopefully my bank account will survive.


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I'm getting:

226 + 214 Brushes
All of those MSF's
Chignon Lipstick
Quick Tease Lipglass
Soft Wave Lipglass
Deep Shade e/s
Henne e/s

Total: $204.00 Yikes.


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Wow, today is the first time that I've actually looked at the entire collection. Very nice color range for each category. I'll most likely be purchasing something from this collection.


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Okay whats so special about these particular brushes do tell....

I'm getting

Whatta do

Henna actually reminds me of tempting a lil bit just a lil lighter.. I'll wait for a swatch on that

deep shade maybe

french cuff
1000 strokes
2 smolder eye kohls

dat be it

I haven't really used my MSF's
I have peticoat and so cyclen or whatever and i have plenty left of that


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The only thing that I'm getting from the BBR is the Brunette's MSF and that's it. I'm saving up for the Hello Kitty collection.


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I know I want the brunette MSF, and maybe a couple of e/s. Are there any good dupes for this collection?


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So far I want..Marquise'D lipstick,Blonde msf, Top Knot eyeshadow,and maybe the one face brush and the blending brush. I'm way more excited for Hello Kitty. I hope I'm not disappointed .


Its hard for me to say exactly....i need swatches...BUT i want to want deep shade, henna, french cuff, knight, 100 strokes, and femme-fi shadows...i'll probably hold off on the 214 since it will be permanent, but i want the 226...the 165 eh we'll see. and I want all of the MSFs, i'm pretty much sold on those, hopefully they won't disappoint!
OH!!.... and chignon and b babe look pretty.


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I want chignon, what a do, quick tease, strawberry blonde, red devil, and pretty much all the eyeshadows. I'm going to be in trouble...again!!


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i definitely want the brunette msf, i'll have to decide on the l/s and l/g once i see them in person but for now I do have my eye on What A Do and Soft Wave, and i want most of the brunette and redhead e/s

i think i'm more excited for this than HK...and this one comes out the day after my b-day yayyy