WOC: Brunette Blonde Redhead


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e/s: Deep Shade, Henna (gotta swatch, reminds me of Gorgeous Gold or Goldmine), 100 Strokes, French Cuff

l/s: Chignon, What A Do!, Marquis d' (maybe)

l/g: Quick Tease, Soft Wave

msf: Brunette, Redhead

possibly the 226 brush


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This is going to be hard to decide. This collection might smack down my HK list to just the color story and none of the 'extras' that HK is coming with. I know I want all the MSF's and most e/s...but I will truly wait to swatch and make a wallet friendly decision.


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So far I want Deep Shade, Top Knot, 100 Strokes e/s, Brunette/Redhead MSF, Quick Tease l/g and the brushes maybe...


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im surprisingly not that into this collection...if the lipsticks were amplified creme i would prolly get some but there are none so no lipsticks for me but i might get soft wave, brunette msf, top knot (depending on how dark it is IRL), and probably the 165 brush...mayb femme fi since i passed on it before....i was saving for hello kitty but im not really into most of the colors
.....edit:nvm im so excited for hk..i totally missed that there is gonna be glitter lol


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hmmm, so far i want...
... all the lipglasses
... all the lipsticks
... all the msf
... all the eye shadows

idk about the brushes. i have to check them out when it launches.

M.A.C. head.

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Oh wow! I might just skip "Chill" and wait for this stuff. I was skeptical when I heard about this collection because honestly...when I think of an AA woman my mind doesn't shift to hair color in that description
So I was sad. But seeing the color story and swatches...THIS COLLECTION LOOKS AMAZING! I'm liking quite a few things from the different hair color collections.


I'm actually feeling most of the Red Head stuff. And I REALLY like the blushes! This is where my Christmas money is going LOL


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I know I will get all the brushes. I also want to get Henna and French cuff or 100 Strokes(whichever the deep burgundy shade is) eyeshadow. I will have to see the rest of the collection in person. I don't know about the MSF's yet.


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I'm not really feeling any excitement for this collection (don't hate me!). The e/s I'm interested in I already have dupes for. And there's only one l/s that's caught my attention, but I'm not sure it's really different enough to what I already own to justify buying it. Not feeling the MSFs at all. Guess that means more money for HK!


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I'm not getting caught up in the hype - nothing screams out as a must-have buy and as already mentioned, I have dupes for what's gonna be coming out already. I'm keeping my money in my pocket.


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pretty much alot of stuff tend to look the same on me :/...by the swatches of the MSFs..I think I have something close so hmm..maybe just the brushes. Not sure.


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I really want Henna, Flip, French Cuff and 100 Strokes! I want the darkest MSF. That is what I want for sure! I gotta see swatches of the rest to up my list.


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Originally Posted by LuvinMyMAC
Now this is a collection for me. I'm aiming for the brushes, a few of the shadows, lipstick and MSF. Who am I kidding? I WANT IT ALL!!! LOL!!!

This sums it up for me and since my collection is small I can get away with wanting a lot, this is where my Xmas card money is going


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I think I'll like this collection.

I want Henna (the color looks just like henna powder, cute!), Flip, and probably Top Knot. I really liked the MSF too. I already have Femme Fi so i'll pass.

I just think that all the names and so creative!


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As of now I'm thinking the lipglasses, possibly a few of the lipsticks and MAYBE a couple shadows. I have to swatch the rest on myself to know if I love it.


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i love this collection soooo much!!!!! i don't know what i want yet, i'm not really feeling HK so i will be getting quite a bit from this collection


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This collection is beautiful. I am going to have a hard time choosing. I must get Chignon l/s, Top Knot e/s and the Brunette MSF. I can't wait. WOOP WOOP!!!!!!!

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