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I got both MSFs as soon as the collection dropped. I purchased Butternutty, Penny shadesticks, and Simply Delicious, Tripple Yum lipglass last week.


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So it was a wrap.. I returned me "tri-colour" l/g's... they did not work at all! Couldn't get anything out of them.. only thing that I'm loving on in this collection is Refined...


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Picked up Peppermint Patty nail polish yesterday - put it on last night - LOVE ITTTT!! >_< It looks really good on.


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I got aquavert and it's amazing, I wanted peppermint patti but it's sold out everywhere! It sold out on the UK Mac website almost as soon as the collection came out.


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Can I just say that I ADORE both of the new MSF's??!!

Refined + Goddess (LE)/Salsarose/Devil blushes = LOVE
HK Tippy + PT = a beautiful, natural glow of pink....this is my favorite combo so far :0)

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