WOC with makeup Blogs?

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Fabulously Red

here is mine, ive just started but am always accepting request, and are willing to answer questions
check it out


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So I came across this because I was thinking of starting my own blog, but I'm not sure if anyone would really follow it. I've been reading up on what's here and what's in the Chatter forum. There are certain things that I'm interested in (for instance FOTDs and swatches), but I'm not sure where to go from there. As for now, I'm mainly interested in a "style" blog more than just a product review blog. Any advice as to what direction you think I should take things? Feel free to send me a PM.
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Originally Posted by makeuptianna
My blog is in my siggy! Please add me ladies and I will do the same! I'm new to Specktra so welcome me!!

Totally signing up for this one!


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i just started one a few months ago as well
Sarah's Blog

although i work with all skin types from fair to dark, most of the demographic i work with are asian


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Hello all!!!
I haven't been on Specktra in ages! bad me Right?
I just wanted to add my blog in as well. It's listed in the siggy. Check it out when you can.
I will be moving my blog shortly to Silver Lips Beauty but I'll let you know when its all up and ready
Have a great day


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i have one as well...it's in the signature! check it out. it's not just makeup though. i blog about fashion too!


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i am setting up one now, because i realised there are really little WOC who do swatches so i will be doing heaps of swatches!! but my camera is currently down! so i need to wait till end of feb!

do visit me & leave a tag!
Golden Stardust! :)


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lol i'm such a newb - i was like wth is woc? duhh i read

i have a beauty/fitness blog (personal weightloss journey after pregnancy too).. and other random stuff if you all are interested in reading
(link in siggy)

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