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If you really like techno, specifically trance and need a good continuous high energy mix for cardio, I recommend getting the free podcast of Tiesto's Club Life

This isn't for everyone, but I like it a lot, and it is updated weekly so you can have new tunes to enjoy.


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I'm a weirdo and I listen to R&B when I work out because that's really all I listen to but...I think any lady gaga song and pussycat dolls would be fun to work out with!


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Britney Spears has taken over my workour playlist...
Piece of Me
Gimmie More
If You Seek Amy
I've Got That Boom Boom
Me Against the Music
You Drive me Crazy
Slave 4 U
Breathe on Me
Lace and Leather

(I like Britney, so sue me

I also have...
Katy Perry- I Kissed a Girl
Jessica Simpson- A Public Affair
Too Short- Shake That Monkey
Three 6 Mafia- Lolli Lolli
Rick Ross- The Boss
TI- Whatever you Like
Christina Augilara- Keeps Getting better
...And a lot more lol


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I have a lot of favorites, but I seem to really run harder when my ipod shuffles to an old school Michael Jackson song or Will Smith's "Party Starter". I never liked Will Smith's music, but that song always gets me pumped


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Motley Crue - Kickstart my heart
Flock of seagulls - And I ran
Rammstein - Benzin
OOMPH!- Augen Auf
Grinder from Command and Conquer Red Alert 2

Weight training:
Anything by Megaherz, Rammstein
Pat Benatar- Invincible
Incubus- Megalomaniac
Rage Against the Machine- Guerrilla radio and Wake Up


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The Aquabats!
Seriously. You can't help but jump around and be happy.
Like "Look At Me (I'm A Winner!)" is awesome. lolz


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Anything by Armin Van Burren and ATB should work

Armin Van burren- Oceanlab and In and out of love
ATB- Ecstasy
Britney Spears- Radar
Black Eyed peas- I got a feeling and Boom Boom Pow
Roy Gates- The World Is Spinning
Jamie Foxx ft. T-pain- Blame It
I hopw this helps you


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Scooter is a great group to listen to if you're into european music, it's super fast paced and is amazing stadium music, i also love techno remixes of any song, they're always upbeat and fast!!


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I can't do music! I need something that holds my attention more so I don't realize I have 30 more minutes of cardio to go, haha. Usually I'll listen to podcasts or lately I've been watching the show Strangers With Candy on my ipod. I don't recommend the latter; everyone at my university's gym probably thinks I'm nuts because I randomly burst out laughing in my workout. :-D


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Originally Posted by saucipinkbabydoll
Fever by Kylie Minouge

Beat me to it! Awesome album!

Anything from the "bling the noise" album by KnifeHandChop is pretty good for pushing yourself on a treadmill!


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For my cardio I like to listen to Beyonce! It really gets you going!! Robin Thicke and Craig David are awesome for me too. They have sexy songs that makes you wanna reach your goal!!

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