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It's a little embarrassing, but I find Pauly D's (from Jersey Shore) mixes really good to exercise to.
I also love David Guettas album


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I currently have Lady Gaga, Prodigy, Covenant, Basshunter, VNV Nation, and a few others on my playlist...I need to add some MIA.


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Kristen's Ultimate "Look What You're Missing" Playlist

For use after a boy or girl cheats, mistreats or otherwise fails to acknowledge how wonderful you are! Time to get in shape and show 'em what they're missing.

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Don't Let Me Stop You - Kelly Clarkson
Battlefield - Jordin Sparks
Leave (Get Out) - JoJo
According to You - Orianthi
The Game is Over - 'N Sync
Heartbreaker - Mariah Carey
No Surprise - Daughtry
Ashes - Embrace
Better in Time - Leona Lewis
So What - P!nk
Irreplaceable - Beyonce
Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - Beyonce
Wait 'Til You See My Smile - Alicia Keys
Since You Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Handle Me - Robyn


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I just pick up any summer dance music mixes like Ibiza stuff. Hey if it can keep the clubbers partying for 20 hours it sure can keep me running for 30 min! lol


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If you guys love some pop music, listen to the new Christina Aguilera album "Bionic". I use all the beat songs on my playlist while doing my cardio :p


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Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl
Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats
Black Strobe - Shining Bright Star
Alter Ego - Rocker
Prodigy - Breathe
Prodigy - Voodoo People


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for the occasional times i use my exercise bike i put some rammstein on.
thumpy beats seem to make me pedal faster

and when i go out for a walk around where my mum stays i usually have 80s hair metal [no power ballads though!] or new wave sleaze on. lots of high-energy stuff to keep me going


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I listen to a lot of 'Disney-pop' when I'm at the gym - and I'm not ashamed!

Current favourites:
Permanent December - Miley Cyrus
Here We Go Again - Demi Lovato
Hero - Sterling Knight
Round and Round - Selena Gomez & The Scene

...anything that's cheesy, pretty much!


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I like the cheesy stuff too! Nothing wrong with it at all!

I also love Britney Spears, Kesha, Gaga, etc. Also any techno remixes really get me going. I slow down for a breather when the song does and really push for it when it gets faster again. Helps me pace myself, I love it.

Goat Goat Etc.

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Remixes and electronica.

Basement Jaxx, Mr. Hudson, Calvin Harris, Royksopp, and DJHero songs!
Gotta love The Jackson Five Vs. Third Eye Blind!


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Originally Posted by Darkness
Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl
Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats
Black Strobe - Shining Bright Star
Alter Ego - Rocker
Prodigy - Breathe
Prodigy - Voodoo People

All the above plus anything by The Crystal Method. Murder/You know its Hard, High Roller, Weopens of Mass Distortion, Born too Slow, Cherry Twist, Busy Child , I Know Its YOU, True Grit, PHD, Name of the Game, Roll It Up, Remix of Paranoid (Originally by Garbage)

Orbital--Funny Break
Elite Force--Curve Ball

For Prodigy, I also like Smack my BI*ch Up for work out but really any Prodigy will do.

I can add Chemical Brothers Galaxy Bounce
Rage Against the Machine--Renegades of Funk, Bullet In Your Head, Killing in the Name, Know Your Enemy, Bulls On Parade, Down Rodeo, Testify, Sleep Now in the Fire

And my secret guilty pleasures (don't tell my metal friends) Daft Punk: One More Time, Da Funk, Harder Better Faster Stronger

Amber Dawn

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I've started listening to a lot of vocaloid songs when I walk to and from work (I walk 25kms a week doing this!) and it's been really motivating. Really loving the Project DIVA 39's Giving Day Concert.

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