YLBB (Your Lips But Better) Lipsticks & Glosses


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Honey Love l/s. My lips are not the same color and they are a bit dark for my complexion, but honey love looks really natural on. Creme d'Nude also, but less pink/peach and more creamy.

I also really like Soft Spot l/s from the 2008/2009 Neutral Lips set from the Holiday collection. It's a sheer glaze with just a teeny bit of peach gold glimmer.

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another vote for 3N...I need to get my hands on VGV though, it's been on my list forever and now I'm even more convinced I need it!


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My fave MLBB lippie is Bare Slimshine. It's my go-to lip color. Honorable mentions to VGV l/s and gloss though.


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Stila Kitten IT gloss
Orchid Convertible Color
Icescape l/g
Cali' Dreamin' (on me)
Utter Pervette (super perfect)


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Hug me, scant slimshine
lust lipgloss..


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Blankety Lipstick by MAC!

I even like like to dim it down more my mixing it with a tiny bit of light flesh toned concealer, then dab it on with my finger over bare (moisturized) lips.


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Originally Posted by Septemba
I really want to grab Blankety next week!

OMG i looooove it! (like i said above)

I remember i had to hunt for it! It was at the mall and they only had the sample of it at the counter i was at, so i i had to go to all four of the Mac locations we have at Aventura Mall (South Florida) And it was finally at the last place I loooked. I felt like doing a happy dance!

So worth it lol

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