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    NYX Ulta Haul of shame

    So I couldn't pass up the NYX sale at Ulta. I bought as much stuff as I could. I have been trying my best to save money cuz I am going back home to Las Vegas next week and plan on doing some major damage at Inglot! lol NYX Shadow Trios: Anti Diva Shangri-La...
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    Inglot Las Vegas Haul

    I went back home to Las Vegas this weekend and stopped by the Inglot store. Please visit my blog for swatches
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    Mob Wives on VH1

    I don't know what it is about this show but I love it. Maybe cuz I am a little feisty like some of the ladies. Have you watched this? what are you thoughts? Its really addicting.
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    This was my birthday cake from last year. My babe designed it. isnt it cute? awww hes a keeper
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    Ulta Haul

    Hi Dolls Ulta has a NYX sale form 04/10/11-04/19/11 40% off. They also have a printable coupon on their website $3.50 off $10.00 Purchase. These are the items i picked up last night. $2.36 lipsticks, $4.19 blush, $2.99 eyes hadows and $1.79 Jumbo Eye Pencils. I have never tried their...
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    Iud horror

    I have had three IUDs in the past 8 years. My ob says my body keeps rejecting it. 1st iud fell out well, I pulled it out accidentally 2nd iud I got preggers had a miscarriage. 3rd iud Caused mittelchmerz(extremely painful ovulation) I was diagnosed 2 years ago. My ob advised me to have the...
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    DIY NFL Jersey ?

    hi guys! I had a quick question. Has anyone ever glued or added Rhinestones to a NFL/NBA jersey before? I have searched high and low on the internet but I didnt see anything. I know that you cant use a hot glue on the jersey becuz it will melt the material. My hubby bought me a foot ball Jersey...
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    Anyone else watch Breaking Bad

    omg so I got bored with the movie selection on netflix. I did a search for movies/shows by user ratings. The show Breaking Bad appeared with the most 100% ratings. So I thought I would give this series a shot. ZOMFG! Its the best show that I have watched in a really really long time. Anyone...
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    how do you feel about

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    Heidi Montag

    Have you seen her in the People magazine? She is 23 years old and got a facelift. What the hell is wrong with people? She got ten plastic surgery procedures in one day.I am 32 years old and I wouldn't even get a facelift. Any thoughts?
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    Do your bf/hubbies do this?

    Ok. Let me give you some background stuff on me. i have been with my man for 10+ years(not married). We have kids. We have lived with each other for nine years. Every time a guy flirts, compliments or if a guy hits on me, my man gets mad at me. I don't flirt back or even acknowledge the...
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    Stila good to glow

    Whoa I was at Sephora buying my mother in law some lipsticks and polishes and I seen the Stila Good to Glow Bronzer and Highlight set on sale for $10.00. This set looks yummy. Has anyone tried this yet?
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    I need your help

    Imma make this short and sweet. My man found a dog wandering my neighborhood on Sunday. It was soo cold outside that day so, we decided to bring him inside to feed him and to clean him up. While we were brushing him, I noticed how freakin skinny he is. You can feel his hip bones and his ribs...
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    Borghese brushes

    hey all I bought the brushes from Costco today. They were only 19.99 and you get 15 brushes. Has anyone tried these? Any thoughts? Please share.
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    The Hills with no Lauren Conrad

    I don't know if I will watch this show now that shes gone. I fucken hate Heidi and Spencer. They remind me of stage moms trying to pimp out their kid. They are so dumb. I always thought that the show is scripted but with Lauren and Whitney gone it seems like there no more real people left...