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    (Freelancing FOTD) Megan Fox inspired! Bronzey browns with green eyes -

    Hey everyone. Heres another freelancing FOTD for you. (Full size images can be found @ Jesse Edmonds Photography ) Used: Eyes: UDPP Blanc Type (Highlight) Shroom (Highlight) Kid (Crease) Mystery (Lid) Satin Taupe (Lid) Brown from tempting quad (I cant remember the name, lid) Twinks (Lid)...
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    (Freelancing FOTD) Bright greens, yellows, and blues. Tropical colors @ their finest.

    Hey everyone. I work with this model and photographer quite often. They are wonderful. Photo is copyright (check out Jesses site to see a full size high quality version of these photos) Hope you enjoy! Eyes: UDPP Canary Yellow (Inner Corners) Chrome Yellow...
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    Freelance Artists: In what ways do you self promote your work?

    Hey guys. I am currently doing my first wedding season as an MA, and I've been crazy busy - and loving every minute of it. But I can see ahead to the winter and know that work will be cooling down. For all of you who freelance, how do you self promote? What steps do you take to get your name...
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    black smokey eyes and red lips - another freelancing photoshoot fotd :)

    Hey guys. Heres another FOTD photoshoot for you. Used: Eyes: UDPP Carbon e/s Blanc Type e/s Swan Lake e/s Howzat e/s Solar White e/s Smolder Eye Kohl Estee Lauder Lash Primer Estee Lauder Mascara in Black Mystery e/s for brows Face: MUFE HD 117/118 mix MUFE HD Primer MUFE HD Powder Blushbaby...
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    blindpassions recent freelancing photoshoot FOTD!

    Hey everyone! Here is one of my freelancing photoshoots One of many! I hope to post more soon when I have time. Used: Eyes UDPP Shroom e/s Blanc type e/s Clarity e/s Submarine e/s Blue Calm e/s Smolder eye kohl Estee Lauder lash primer Estee Lauder More Than Mascara in black Espresso e/s for...
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    How to make Glycerin Spray (to create water droplets on skin)

    Hey everyone! I need help ASAP! Does anyone know how to make homemade glycerin spray? I have a photoshoot this afternoon where the model needs to have water droplets on her skin. ANY help would be unimaginably appreciated. Best wishes, thanks in advance everyone.
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    Big changes in blindpassions life.

    Some of you already know about this, and some of you don't. But I am doing some soul searching and would love imput from everyone. Three big changes are happening in my life as of now: 1. I am breaking up with my boyfriend tomorrow. I love him with all my heart, but he relies on me too much...
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    I need to loose 30 pounds.

    (Mods I just realized this needs to be in the Fitness Journals section, please move sorry! ) Fuck. There I said it. In the past year I've gained twenty or so pounds, and I was still about 10 pounds over weight before. Damn. So, here we go. It pisses me off that I'm at this point, because a...
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    A freelancer and MAC addicts kit ;) blindpassions collection photos - 40+ PIC heavy!!

    This kit is years in the making! This is definitely a post worth checking out in my opinion I hope you all enjoy this! First, photos of my room and makeup desk - I promised some folks I would include this! Then, a photo of my freelancing kit (where all my makeup is stored at all...
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    Light lip liners!? for lipsticks like real doll and saint germain?

    Hey guys. So, I find MAC doesn't have a lot of very light lip liners! What do you all use to line lipsticks like Angel, Snob, Real Doll, Saint Germain, and more? TIA
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    the Canadian Makeup Show (Vancouver, BC, April 4th and 5th)

    Hey everyone! Finally, a show that is close to where I live! I just wanted to bring this to the attention of any Canadian west coasters on the site and also wanted to know if anyone happens to be going? I'm coming over from Vancouver Island for the show. Canadian Makeup Show - Vancouver, BC...
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    Graffiti Inspired Photoshoot - A must see FOTD!

    Hey guys. Blindpassion did her first real photoshoot. These are pretty raw images, the editing process isn't finished but I really wanted to show all of you what the make-up looks like before photoshop. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. CC is always always welcome. <3 you guys. I want to...
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    MAC Matte?

    This is in no way confirmed, but I bought MAC Matte gel the other day which I use as a primer on some of my clients, and one of the MA's mentioned that they only had 3 left and hadn't seen a shipment in a very long time, she told me she wondered if they were being DC'd. Anyone heard anything?
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    Mmm! Aquavert and Sugarshot -- Sugarsweet FOTD.

    Hey guys. You know how much I love the teals! Used: Eyes: UDPP Aquavert on lid with 239 brush Cool Heat in crease with 217 brush Plumage in crease with 217 brush Sugarshot for highlight with 242 brush Covet UD 24/7 Eyeliner underneath the eyes MUFE Smokey Lash Mascara Smolder Eye Kohl...
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    Alexa needs MORE neutrals from MAC - tell me your favs!

    Hey guys. I need your recommendations for neutrals from MAC. I'm going to list the ones I have and if you see that I'm missing any of your favs, please let me know. I have: Sugarshot Satin Taupe All That Glitters Next to Nothing Tempting Dark Edge Dazzlelight Patina Mystery Copperplate...