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    Help Me Choose: Nars copacabana or albatross?

    Hi all! I'm trying to decide on a highlighter: copacabana, a multiple or albatross, the highlighter powder. I'm an Asian NC25-30. I have combo, acne prone skin that can look oily in my T-zone. Please tell me your pros and cons? why? etc... Thanks in Advance!
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    If you like high fashion magazine pictures for inspirational makeup photos:

    Here's a link for Miles Aldridge's exhibit, he's worked on Vogues and M.A.C ad campaigns... so I wouldn't be surprised if lots of M.A.C products were used... enjoy! Miles Aldridge’s Exhibition Shows a Darker, Sexier Side of Fashion -- The Cut: New York Magazine's Fashion Blog
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    Lipstick Dupe of Crushed Bougainvillea CCB

    does anyone know of a lipstick dupe version of the cream color base for Crushed Bougainvillea? or does anyone think or know if the Hello Kitty l/s strayin or Creme Team's lickable cremesheen lipstick can be dupes for it?
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    Favorite MAC eyeshadows from every color of the Rainbow?

    The top ones, doesn't have to be technical colors close to them since there are so many in between colors, I get so overwhelmed with all the colors MAC offers but sometimes are disappointed in some of the textures (ex. lustres!) even if the color is beautiful, feel free to edit: WHITES: solar...
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    Swapper in question

    Hi everyone! Sorry if I put this thread in the wrong location but I'm really unsure to where to ask people, so Mods please move if you want. So my story... I was going to swap with this new swapper with no tokens but since I have quite a few tokens already I told her to send first. She got my...
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    I just realized I got a fake eyeshadow, what's next?

    So I just found out that my Satellite Dreams is a fake and I got it from a swapper on MUA. I know that it is a fake because there is a double ring on the back on the pan (it should be smooth) when I depanned it. What should I do? I already left positive feedback on her token list... but I should...
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    What You Typically Buy at Sephora/ Your HGs from Sephora

    Please don't get me wrong, I love MAC too. I like the free samples and the different brands under one roof aspect of Sephora, but sometimes I feel really overwhelmed there and am unsure which products to use and whatnot... so I would love to know what you continuously get there and etc to...
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    Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

    I'm not a crazy fan of the twins but I do like fashion. I read this book briefly at a san francisco airport bookstore on a whim and I liked what I read for the most part but I am unsure if I should get it. From what I got from it, the twins basically interview and talk about the fashion icons...
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    Tropic Glow Slimshine Dupe?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows of a dupe for the new tropic glow slimshine, I love the color but I'm not feeling the glitter/sparkle. Thanks
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    Nars Versus Mac Blushes

    Okay, I hope I'm in the right forum... since I'm still trying to learn how to do makeup and stuff, I was wondering which blushes do you prefer and why (cost-wise, application, makes you break out [huge problem for me cuz I have oily/sensitive/acne prone skin])? I've heard that Nars is great but...
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    Heatherette EOTD

    Trio #2 & Fab Orchid from Dual Edge Pencil EOTD and as a swatch too I guess, I thought it might be more helpful in the swatch section... this can be moved if it doesn't seem relevant. EOTD done by my MA Stephanie at the MAC store... with Bare Canvas Paint as Base and Blacktrack Fluidline. Baby...
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    Hi Specktra Ladies and Guys!

    I've been searching around on and heard about this site. I recently started my MAC addiction and this was perfect place to help me appease my need to know more about MAC and makeup in general... haha, I'm a newbie in applying makeup as well. I love the creativity and the advice here.