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    Skin firming products

    Hi, I've recently been through a very traumatic breakup and, as a result, lost quite a bit of weight very rapidly, going from a UK size 10-12 to a 6-8. I'm pleased about the weight loss, but less impressed with the effect on my skin - it is dry, wrinkly and saggy, and my body looks worse...
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    Dupe for MAC So Scarlet

    I've lost my favourite ever red lipstick - MAC So Scarlet - and although I have many other reds, I'm really missing this beautiful shade. Can anyone recommend a dupe? Thanks xxx
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    Miracle eyeshadow products for older ladies?

    Hi, I've had a look through the forums for up-to-date information on the latest eyeshadow products to reduce signs of crepeyness in older ladies, but haven't found anything very recent. It seems that there have been many new cream-based eyeshadows introduced over the last few months, and I was...
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    KeraCare hair products

    I've been looking at KeraCare hair products as an alternative to Kerastase (which is a bit pricey for my budget at the moment). The products sound good and I've read some favourable reviews, but I notice that the brand is aimed at women of colour, whose hair type is obviously different to mine...
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    Keratin hair treatments at home

    Hi, I've always liked the idea of the Brazilian Keratin treatments, but can't afford salon prices for my very long, thick hair. Last week I was walking past a hair salon and noticed that they were advertising a spray-in keratin product for home use, which apparently smoothes the hair for about 3...
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    Home facelift technology

    Being in my early 40s, things are beginning to head south and my eye area in particular is starting to bother me. In an ideal world I'd like to have Thermage and Fraxel treatments, but these are currently way outside of my budget, so I'm looking into more pocket-friendly alternatives that I can...
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    UK taxes on imported cosmetics

    Hi, Do any of you lovely ladies who buy cosmetics on the Internet from abroad know if there's a way to pay the import duty/customs charges in advance, to avoid having to pay the fine to the Post Office before they will deliver items? My daughters and I buy quite a lot of cosmetic...
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    Concealing lips so lip products stay true to colour

    Hi, I have very pigmented lips, which often make the colours of my lip products appear different to swatches. I'm fiding this increasingly annoying, as I search far and wide for beautiful lip colours, only to have their beauty diminished by the pigmentation of my lips :( I received some...
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    Morgana Cryptoria

    I couldn't see a thread here for Morgana Cryptoria, so I thought I'd start one! The colours of the lipsticks are fabulous, and the lovely lady who owns the company and makes all her own products, has just introduced a wide range of lip balms in colours to delight those of us who love...
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    Renee Zellweger on Harper's Bazaar cover

    Hi, Does anyone know what lipstick/lip products were used for this picture? On the actual magazine cover it appeared a little redder than in this download. Thanks
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    I'm in a show in a few weeks' time and need to find a lip product that will (a), show up under bright stage lights and (b) stay on me and not transfer to my leading man during snogging scenes (he's volunteered to practise lots, so we can test the product out ). Ideally I'd like a vivid pink...
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    Red lipstick

    Can anyone identify this red lipstick - I have quite a few reds, but none exactly the same shade and finish as this. TIA
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    Guerlain Fall 2010 collection

    Does anyone know when this gorgeous collection is launching in the UK? Thanks
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    Funky Fresh Minerals

    Has anyone tried products from Funky Fresh Minerals (UK company)? Thanks
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    Facial exercising/toning devices (Cleo etc)

    Hi, Does anyone use, or have a good knowledge of, facial exercising and toning machines/devices? I've been looking around to see if there's anything that can help to rescue my face from heading south! Ideally it would also help to diminish the slight facial lines I'm developng and the...