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    Going to st louis saturday, visiting MAC free standing store...

    so we are going to st louis saturday, and im going to the mac store at the galleria. im finally going to pick up some 15 pan palettes!!! yay!! is there a limit you can buy of these? and my other question is, is there anyway i can buy culturebloom, if i ask? i didnt relize it comes out next week...
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    ATTN specktra members w/chest tattoos

    Can you guys/girls give me a little detail on the pain factor on the chest/collar bone area? Im getting some work done next saturday, and of course im getting sooooo nervous. i dont handle pain very well lol, but some how always end up causing pain to myself. i know everyones pain level is diff...
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    Weight Watchers support

    Is anyone here doing Weight Watchers? I did it in 2004 and dropped 3 sizes in jeans. it was awesome! i did it within 3 months. then i got bored so im starting over, with today being my first day. i did really good. i went over my allowed daily points, but its just the first day. and i only went...
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    Finally an end to the MAC and walgreens rumor!

    So I wrote to walgreens and finally got a response. spread the word!! Ms. Lazzeri- Hello and thank you for your question. No, Walgreens is not carrying M.A.C. Cosmetics, however, Walgreens is now carrying a new line of cosmetics called H.I.P. (High Intensity Pigment) from L'Oreal...
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    Gettn pizzy!!

    can anyone tell me why i can't buy the new quad off of macy's website. when i do a search for it on their site, it comes up. when i goto order it, it takes me to the disney collection. im getting frustrated, i have to get ready for work and i wanted to order it before i walk out the door lol...
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    H i P Saucy!

    so getting ready to go shopping and thought id post h i p eotd number 2 this one is used with saucy. its a coppery orange and bronzy brown. 2 down, 3 more to go!! lol i am totally in love w/this loreal line. im so wanting to get the rest of the eye shadow duos!!
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    Loreal H i P

    heres a picture of the new shadow from Loreal's new line H i P, case anyone wanted to see it. lol. plus im bored and have nothing else to do with my time right now. this one is Sassy. I cant wait to get my hands on the rest of the collection. it stayed on all day long. and everyone loved...
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    im in love with h i p!! pic heavy

    omg its a dream come true for me. im not near a mac counter and ordering online isn't always the answer for this my must have new makeup every week kind of girl. Loreal has a new line called H I P High intensity pigments the color is so amazing. i bought all the e/s that the store had at the...
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    20 and older!

    holy cow i was surprised to see how many teens are on the board that look so much older!!!! so im stealing the idea. you dont have to put your age but im curious who is in their 20's, 30's, 40's and older? i myself just turned 30 in november. i get the "omg you dont look your age" all the...
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    If myspace was real life!!

    some of you may have already seen this, but i had to share for those who havnt. its so true and so funny!! ~If MySpace was REAL LIFE~ 19 year old boys wouldnt own shirts, and 19 year old girls would not own pants. If you're obesely fat, people would only see you from the shoulders up /...
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    yay my first real compliment

    Im still not feeling well today, and didnt feel like putting on eye makeup for work today. and this morning the ladies asked me where my eye shadow was. im like i feel like poop, i wasnt in the mood to do my eyes. and they were like "o we always wonder what your eye makeup is going to look like...
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    They ate too much turkey!!

    my little babies were tuckered out today... they are two of three. not sure where my fat black cat was!!!
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    Nick and Jessica

    im really upset by this. I cant believe they let this marriage become to this. it just breaks my heart for two people that seemed so ment to be w/each other are now done. LOS ANGELES - After months of rumors, denials and salacious magazine covers, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are...
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    Disaster w/MAC depotting :(

    ok so i finally got me a mac palette to hold my e/s. i hate not having every color at my fingertips, and couldnt wait to start!! but after this disaster, i will never depott again depotting the quads was simple as pie, thank god!! but i totally ruined my freshwater and its now sitting in a...
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    Finally took pics of my addiction! picture heavy!

    ok so the first picture is what i started out M.A.C wise. and the pictures after that , is what Specktra has done to me!! not that im complaining!! and it just keeps building. i sweet talked my husband into getting some of the holiday minis.. woo hoo. and then the last pics are my old drug store...