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    MAC does makeup for The Little Mermaid musical

    MAC is doing the makeup for The Little Mermaid Broadway musical, which opens in December. Here is a picture of Ursula. I'm trying to identify the makeup! Any ideas? I have seen the show in previews, and all the makeup is very unique! (Mods, please move this if this isn't the right forum.)
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    Old Age stage makeup

    Hi, I need to do old age makeup on myself for a play. Any recs? Thanks!
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    Which new Beauty Powder for NC25?

    Hi, I want to try one of the new beauty powders, but I'm not sure which one. I want to use it for an all over glow, not necessarily for a blush. Thanks!
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    Orange Twink glimmershimmer?

    All my local MACs said they never received Orange Twink. I was wondering if that was the case for all locations. Did anyone get it? It was the one glimmershimmer that I wanted.
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    Sexitada l/s?

    Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but has anyone heard of Sexitada lipstick? It is a dark red color. I haven't heard of this before and I picked it up at a CCO. I'm wondering if it was from a LE collection or if it was a perm item that was d/c. Thanks!
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    Studio Lights help

    Hi all, I am thinking about getting one of the new Studio Lights. I am NC25 and have slight dark circles under my eyes. I was thinking that the peach Studio Light may help with this, but I already have the peach color corrector concealer, so I don't know if I need it. What do you all think...
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    Bridesmaid recs? brown dress

    Hey, I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding and I will be wearing a chocolate brown dress. I am NC25 brown/blonde. I was thinking something bronzy, but I would love to hear your recs on colors and application. Thanks!
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    Goth look?

    Hi all, For Halloween I am going to be a goth girl. Can anyone help me with application/colors? Thanks!
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    Idol Eyes postcard?

    Hi, Does anyone know if they realeased a postcard for the Idol Eyes collection? Thanks!
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    MAC Halloween?

    Hi, Does anyone remember when MAC usually puts up the Halloween looks on the website? They are my favorite! Thanks!
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    New Icons?

    Hi, Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but can someone give me the link to where people are making this cute new icons that are on the board? Thanks!
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    Please help with my Birthday makeup! NC25, blonde/brown

    Hi, Thanks for helping! My husband is throwing a birthday party for me on Sunday, and I would like help with a look. I want something that stands out, is glowy, but doesn't look like I tried too hard. I am NC25, light blonde hair and brown eyes. I'm thinking bronzey- beachy, but suitable for...
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    Should I sell my Ellie Saab palette?

    I hope this is the right forum for this. I am debating whether or not to sell my Saab palette on ebay. It is beautiful, beautiful, but I could use a little extra cash now. I'm not sure how much profit would be worth it. It is too pretty for me to use, so I'm thinking that if I haven't used it...
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    Matches for Tendered power point?

    Hi, I went to a pro class today and the MA said that you could use Tendered power point to cancel brown spots on the face. I didn't buy it today, but I just found out it was LE. Are there any matches in Mac or any other line? Thanks!
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    Price difference on website vs. store?

    Hi, I know this has been brought up before, but has anybody heard anything about the price differeces of the bronzing sticks and pearlizers from the website and store? I emailed Mac about this, but I haven't heard anything yet. Tia!