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    China Glaze Tronica Jan/Feb 2011

    OMG these polishes look so cool....cant wait till they come out :D
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    Some of my photography.....

    I've been doing photography since 1987...yep I'm old ...since I was 18. Mainly I do nature/landscapes but I also photograph cars since I'm into cars as well. I kept hoping to make some money on this and off and on over the years I've sold a few prints here and there. I was laid off May '09 and...
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    So what's going on with XOXO clothing's site?

    I had gone into Macy's one day and saw some cute shirts that were new from XOXO and wanted to check online when I got home to see what other new things they might have. Well I couldnt find anything new and everything on the site was 75% off! Most everything was gone too from the site...sold...
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    Help with ebay seller that sold me fake e/s

    I am new to MAC....just this summer and I bought 3 eyeshadows from this seller on ebay back in August and received them late August - early Sept. I bought Mulch, Noturnelle and Satellite Dreams and had no reason to suspect they were fake. I'd read a short guide on ebay about the fakes and...