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    A Mac Whore's Collection {70+ pics}

    Hey everyone! It took FOREVER to do this, but here it makeup collection (most of it). Face Foundation Concealer Face Powders *I spelled Couture incorrect; sorry, I didn't want to redo the pic. MSF's Blush Palettes Blushes Eyes Palettes...
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    Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale FAQ (NY & Canada)

    I've received a ton of questions on the subject matter, I've listed some details about the Estee Lauder Warehouse sale. Please feel free to add addtional information. 1. Where are the sales? -In North America the sales are in Markham for Canada & New York for the states. There have been...
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    Re-organizing my makeup, I found an oldie, but goodie--Dollymix Quad! I don't show my quads enough's a look. Products Used: FACE Foundation: MAC Studio Foundation Stick in NW45 Powder: MSFN in Deep Dark Check Colour: Dollymix Blush with Pleasureflush EYES Primer...
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    Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Haul

    Here's what I got from a recent trip to the MUFE Boutique... E~S (L to R):#79, #147, #169, & #309 Flash Pots (L to R): 22 & #6 Aqua Eyes (Top to Bottom): #3L & #2L Thanks for looking!
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    MAC Pro Party (NYC)

    I just received my invite for the party on Jan 18th...anyone else going? I'm always game for meeting people from my Specktra family.
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    Love Lace and Warm & Cozy Haul

    Here's what I got... Hypnotizing E/S Love Lave E/S Intricate L/S Utterly Discrete L/G Icescape L/G Light Affair N/P Warm & Cozy Modelette E/S MulledCider E/S Nuture S/S Warm & Cozy S/S Relaxed S/S By Candlelight MSF Comfort MSF Spiced Tea L/S 3N L/G
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    MAC Warehouse Sale Haul {Heavy Pics}

    OMGosh, my vacation in Toronto was a great! I was able to attend the Mac Warehouse Sale (in by 9am out by noon) My entire purchase Room 1: $1 07' Holiday Makeup Bag $7 each Dark Angel Nail Polish, Studio Stick Concealer in NW45, & Studio Select Concealer in NW45 Room 2: $9 Shadesticks, Lucky...
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    Versatile Lip Colors.....

    Hi Everyone! I’m hosting a holiday give-a-way and I wanted to give-a-way some lip products. Can you recommend some MAC lip sticks and lip glosses that look go on all skin tones? Thanks for your help!
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    Colors of Royalty

    Not sure why the pic is so big, I copied and pasted from my blog as I normally do... FACE Foundation: Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick in Walnut (#9) Powder: Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NW50 Chesk Colour: Metal Rock MSF Misc:Fix + EYES Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Base...
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    MAC Pro Haul

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    MUFE Haul (Makeup Forever)

    eye shadow palette eye shadow pans (colors: 4, 311, 167, 52, 58, 160, and 92-x's 2) 2 Aqua eye pencils (colors: 0L and 21L) eye lashes foundation spatula
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    Colour Craft Fraud

    I visited MAC's face bookpage and saw something that I coudn't believe. In the backstage photos of the Colour Craft shoot...a Ben Nye palette. I had a feeling that the colours from the collection weren't used on the model because they were so vibrant, but I thought maybe they used chormacakes...
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    Trouble with China Glaze Nail Polish

    Hey Beauty World! I'm transitioning from OPI polish to China Glaze. When I painted my nails with V (Five) and White on White by China Glaze both polishes started to show crackes in the polish (looks like wrinkles)...what is this? Is there something that I could do to prevent this, I never...
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    Feeling the blues...

    1st FOTD...hope I did this right Face: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Studion Mist Foundation-Deep Dark Select Cover-Up Concealer-NW45 MSF Natural-Deep Dark Sweet As Cocoa Blush Eyes: Shadow Insurance Fake E/S (lid) Smut E/S (crease...lower lash line) Blue Fame E/S(crease...lower...
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    Comprehensive Mac Brush List

    All, I've been collecting MAC brushes since 1999, but I know that I'm missing a few brushes; is there a comprehensive list some where of all brushes (old, new, discontinued). Please let me know if a thread already exists or if there's a link out on the web. I'm sure there's a veteran out...