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    How to get slick back hair?

    I really want to recreate this style with my hair:
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    2 for 1 - Strange Hybrid and Warm Neutral FoTDs!

    Face: Laura Mercier Mineral Powder MSF Natural Duo (Dark and Shimmer) Fab Blush Eyes: UDPP Ricepaper e/s Suedette Intense Eyes Palette: Nightbird and Gallant Urban Decay Covet e/p Fascinating e/p Liquid Eye Liner Bootblack Lancome Hypnose Mascara Estee Lauder Brow Pencil Lips: YSL Golden Red...
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    Smashbox Brushes?

    What are your opinions on the Smashbox makeup brushes? I've been eyeing a set on QVC and thought it was great value... but are they comparable to mac? Appreciate any feedback thanks
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    Laura Mercier or Mac Mineral Powder?

    I'm really curious to try the new Mac Mineral Powder or a Laura Mercier one... anybody recommend one over the other?
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    My kim kardashian fotn

    So just got back from a christmas party! This look took ages for me to complete with all the blending! Eyes: Rubenesque Paint Pot (Base) Nars Savage Cream Eyeshadow (Base Crease) Carbon Eyeshadow (All over lid and under lid) Beautyburst Eyeshadow (Blended out of Carbon) Vanilla Pigment...
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    How long do SE Brushes last for?

    I bought my SE 187 in early 2006 and it's shedding it's hair quite a bit. Is it time to get a new one?
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    Neutral Golden but Savagely Sexy

    Eyes: Nars Savage Cream Eyeshadow (my new BFF) Vanilla Pigment (Highlight) Liquid eyeliner Lancome Hypnose Mascara Face: MSF Medium Dark Bobbi Brown Bronzer Deep Bobbi Brown Blush Clementine MSF Duo (highlight) Lips: Stripdown Lip Liner Smashbox Lipgloss Pixel
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    Reflects Gold for Xmas Party

    Soooo sorry about the terrible quality. I didn't have time to take pictures before the party so I took them when I got home. Hopefully you can still see it well. Eyes: Bare Canvas Paint Reflects Gold (Pressed on eyelid) Vanilla Pigment (Highlight) Bobbi Brown Bronzer Deep (Crease) Mac Liquid...
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    Any NC45s tried Ravishing Cremesheen?

    It looks great on the model but not sure if it'll suit me
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    Illamasqua Discussion

    Staff edit: This thread is for discussion of the brand Illamasqua. For product swatches, please place your own images in this thread: I went to Slefridges in London today and I was SO impressed. (Too bad I had no money to buy). HIGHLY...
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    Whats the darkest Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick?

    I'm looking for something thats quite dark
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    Soft smokey green

    Face: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Honey, Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Dark, MSF Medium Dark, Medium Deep and Dark, Fab Blush Eyes: UDPP, Nightbird, With a Twist, MSF Dark, Ricepaper, Carbon, Beautyburst, Liquidliner, Lancome Hypnose Lips: Stripdown lipliner (used all over lip) and Benefit...
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    Designer Handbag Rental

    just wondering if any of you peeps have done designer handbag rental (Like, what are your experiences?
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    I feel FIERCE hehe

    Eyes: UDPP, Ricepaper, Vanilla Pigment, Carbon, Beautyburst, MSF Dark, Liquid Eyeliner, Lancome Hypnose. Face: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Honey, Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Dark, MSF Medium Dark, Medium Deep and Dark, Bobbi Brown Blush in Honey. Lips: Spirited Lipglass