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    Armour Beauty - Anyone tried?

    Armour Beauty A friend of mine told me about the brand (which right now just consists of two types of lipglosses that are cruelty-free.) Anyone tried any of these yet?
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    N Color Nail Lacquer Dupe?

    Oi oi! I love N Color nail lacquer, it's a great beige cream polish, but the formula is really runny and takes more than a couple coats to get an opaque finish. Because of this, I'm running low! I'm wondering if anyone knows of any dupes, preferably with a better formula?
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    Danse Dupes?!

    My interest in MAC collections began after Danse, so I basically missed out on it. I've since been able to get Lightscapade and Glissade, as well as Rondelle (in the Gentle Fume quad). I'm not really looking to track down the rest of the collection as a lot of it seems to be pretty dupable. SO...
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    Mac #187 v. Vincent Longo Highlighting Brush?

    We all know there are tons of so-called dupes out there for what many believe to be THE HG brush, the 187 stippling brush. Another brand I'm a fan of is Vincent Longo, who's got some very good quality products in his line. I'm not familiar with his brush quality though, and seeing this...
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    FOTD - "Copperhead Medusa"

    It's been a minute since I've posting a FOTD here! This was both an attempt at just a sexy, smoky eye using my Smoking Eyes quad that I got recently, as well as a tutorial, but a couple hours later I went kind of crazy and the camera fell to the wayside in favor of something more out there. I...
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    Perfect Orange Lipstick???

    So, I'm totally late to the Orange lip trend by a season or two, but I've been fascinated by it recently for some reason. I'm on the hunt for the perfect clean, pure orange lipstick. I missed out on MAC's Electro, and Morange seems like it could be a bit too red-orange. I tried an orange from...
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    The WaMu Buy Out - Does it affect you?

    Well, it sure effects me. I've always loathed banks, and my first experience with one was Chase, one that led to losing alot of money in ridiculous overdraft fees and other hidden charges. Not only me, but my friends, my co-workers- with which Chase was unwilling to give back 10,000 dollars...
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    Clay Aiken is WHUT?>!

    via "I know you're still reeling from the fact that Clay Gayken officially loves the peen. I'm sure Kathy Griffin is sobbing in her closet, considering early retirement. Don't do that, Kathy. Remember. You'll always have Ryan Gaycrest. Oh and in related news, I'm gay too. I know...
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    Bill Maher Presents: RELIGULOUS!

    For those who don't know about this, here's the trailer for his new documentary: YouTube - Religulous | Bill Maher | In Theatres October 3, 2008 Now, first let me just start by saying that I belong to no denomination, nor am I an athiest, agnostic, any of that. I have my own ideas on religious...
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    Any Palettes Availabile for CCB?

    So I'm getting into collecting cream color bases, and since I'm all about compartmentalizing, I'm wondering if there are any available palettes that I'd be able to fit CCB pots into. Are CCB's even depottable? Would it be easier to just deconstruct a MAC 15-palette and go crazy? Thanks in...
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    MAC's Put A Spell On Me...

    I'm at a crossroads right now. I'm getting alot more jobs as a makeup artist, even jobs offering to travel across the country. I'm at a point where I'm starting to build my kit up to a level I've never been able to before. it's exciting for me to be working on my craft again. MAC has been the...
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    Has anyone ever tried this site out or heard about it before? I found this page through another website, and they've got sets of MAC (and other high end brands) for cheap. Cheap enough for me to deem them suspect at least. ???
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    Recs For This Evan Rachel Wood Look?

    I'm curious as to what you all think would work MAC wise to achieve something similar to her look here: Ignore the botoxed wildebeest to the left of her.
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    Angle/Cheek Brush Dilemma!

    Alright peeps, here's the deal...lio. My once dependable angle brush is just going South. The dye keeps leaking out every time after I clean it, and at this point, I don't want to end up getting my face or any of my clients faces into any precarious situations because of that. Not to mention...
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    Needs Some Translation Help - Latin to English...

    Hey beautiful people, A friend of mine is getting a tattoo of a couple of Latin phrases, or at least he'd like to. The only issue is that he wants to make sure that the phrases he's put together mean what they're supposed to. They are: - spiritus securus - intueor directus I trust you all to...