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    Guerlain Spring 2016

    Seems about time to start a new thread! This is a very different approach from Guerlain, who have always been about luxury and prestige. Details here: PRODUCTS Meteorites Base (LE)- Matte illuminating makeup base...
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    Tales from the Sale- Share your stories, your hauls and your thoughts about the annual 20% off deal

    Tales from the Sale- Share your stories, your hauls and your thoughts about the annual 20% off deal Well, the 2015 annual 20% off sale is underway for VIB Rouge shoppers. We had events at stores here in Canada and despite the fact that I RSVP'd within a few hours of getting my invite, I was put...
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    Dior Spring 2016

    First peek!
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    Changes to Sephora Canada

    So Sephora is going to open a Canadian warehouse, in order to expedite shipping. It means that we will get online orders faster, but it also means that we'll be losing some brands and products that aren't in compliance with Canadian packaging laws, or which contain restricted ingredients...
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    Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks

    Here are some swatches of the upcoming Matte Revolution line!
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    YSL Fall 2015- Rock, Edgy and Young

    I'll add the name to this one once it's confirmed, but I figured it was time to start a new thread for the upcoming fall collection. According to Specktra member @ashievic got a special sneak preview and reports that the theme is quite gothic, with deep dark lips and mood jewel tones...
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    Guerlain Fall 2015- Bloom of Rose

    New sheer lipsticks, two new shadow palettes, a new blush and more... Seems like a very soft look for Fall to me. What do you think?
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    Dior Fall 2015- Cosmopolite

    We've seen some photos kicking around, so I figured it's time to start a thread for this collection Looking forward to anything in particular?
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    Tom Ford Fall 2015

    Our first peek at what looks to be a MASSIVE collection! How big a loan will you be applying for?
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    YSL Summer 2015- Les Sahariennes

    Here's the information we have on the upcoming summer collection: LES SAHARIENNES (bronzing powder) N°2 – Sable N°3 – Epice N°4 – Fauve N°5 – Ambre N°6 – Sienne LA LAQUE COUTURE N°61 – Brun Henné N°62 – Jaune Babouche GLOSS VOLUPTÉ N°50 – Orange Sagatte N°107 –...
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    Guerlain Summer 2015

    Turquoise and coral throughout. Not atypical for Guerlain, but I personally find it a little more colourful than usual... Includes new products and repromotes of permanent items. Edit: Proper link added!
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    Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

    Since these are getting a lot of love already, I think they deserve their own thread! Here's a listing of the shades available, for quick reference: 01 Obsidian 02 Minuit 03 Jade 04 Emeraude 05 Onyx 06 Green Iron 07 Shadow 08 Flannel 09 Cold Copper 10 Senso 11...
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    Chanel Rouge Coco relaunch 2015

    I figured we could use a thread for this as information starts to trickle in. I found this on Instagram Looks like there will be 30 shades, all of them named after people... One shade (Arthur) will get an early release. Sadly, this means we bid adieu to...
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    Guerlain Spring 2015- Les Tendres

    Since we have some detailed information on the Spring collection, I thought it was time to start a new thread. Details can be found here: (Asian market- different names, but same products, I believe)...
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    WORSHIP THE BALLS- A thread for Guerlain meteorites and the women who love them

    In the various Guerlain threads, I've noticed that there are always questions about the iconic meteorites: which ones are best for which complexion, what kind of result people should expect, whether they work as a highlighter, finishing powder, blush or all of the above and how the limited ones...