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    Anyone else excited for Punk Couture?

    I haven't been this excited about a collection in awhile. I can't wait to get the lipsticks and glosses. Does anyone have any great ideas for how to use the quad and pigments?
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    EL Fall sneak peak and great article

    After reading this and seeing the images I am actually looking forward to an EL collection release for the first time in awhile. I have been impressed with some of the changes under Tom Pecheux and it looks like things keep getting better...
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    Contour for NW15?

    I am looking for contouring and highlighting powders for NW15 in either regular or PRO products. Any suggestions greatly helpful and appreciated.
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    Stila BB cream

    Has anyone tried this? I hear it is only available at Ulta in the US.
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    Gastric Bypass?

    Anyone here been through the surgery or know someone who has? My cardiologist is recommending this to me.
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    NARS Summer 2011

    I got to sneak a peek at a friend's update book and swatches for the Summer collection to be released in May and it is beautiful. Lips and cheeks are definitely the highlights IMHO. Lots of fun stuff coming!
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    PRO lists?

    First let me say that I hate the new MAC website and the fact that they merged the Pro Site with the regular site. It makes it impossible to find some things. Is there a list of MAC Pro stores on Specktra? The search function at will only allow you to search a particular...
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    Anyone try the Stila Spring 2011 products yet?

    I just got Make Me Blush but I haven't used it yet. I am still waiting on my order with the Kitten highlight powder and the eyeshadow base. Has anyone else tried these products and if so what did you think?
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    Lancome Spring 2011

    Has anyone seen this in stores yet? I am dying to get the blush and a couple more Ombre Magnetique shadows.
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    Clarins Holiday 2010

    Has anyone seen this in stores yet? I saw some pics online and in magazines recently and the whole collection looks just beautiful. Very glamourous. I never really paid attention to Clarins makeup before but this definitely caught my eye.
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    Stila Summer 2010

    I picked up some of the new summer goodies yesterday at Macys. I got: Smudge Stick w/p liner in Silver Dollar (amazing metallic silver shade) One Step Makeup Prime Colour in Kitten (super gorgeous and so versatile) Lip and Cheek Stain in Raspberry Crush (all I can say on this one is OMG ) I...
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    New Stila set at Macys

    I don't know if anyone else has it but I picked up a new set at Macy's today. It had the Illuminating tm, a full size Mullberry lip glaze, a new trio eyeshadow in Anya which is exclusive to the set and a packet of a multi-use color(..sorry I can't remember the product name..maybe it was one-step...
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    NARS Holiday 2009

    Temptalia posted info on the holiday color story today. So pretty. Does anyone know when this will be out?
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    Vincent Longo Vibrant Color Liner and Mascara

    Bought these today in red...seriously stunning. I can pull of a pretty dramatic eye but I haven't a clue what to pair these with. Suggesions? TIA!
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    Fleurry or Hipness?

    I need some help deciding. I have green hair and (currently) light brown hair. I am an NC 20 who stays fairly pale year round. I am looking for a pinky coral blush with a shimmer. Suggestions?