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    1st Date Idea

    i right i need ideas please on how i should do my makeup
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    Help Me

    I hope im posting in the rite thread.I need ideas for a first date.I usually go for vibrante colors,but its a first meeting.Any idea. I have these E/S's Aquadisiac,Beautiful Iris,Beauty Marked,Bitter,Black Tied,Carbon,Chrome Yellow,Club,Cranberry Creme de Violet,Deep Truth,Digit,Electric...
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    Smoky Eyes

    What i Used: Bare Study Paint Pot MAC Fluid liner: Blacktrack MAC E/S:Corduroy(On My Brows),Black Tied,Carbon,Nocturnelle,Parfait Amour,Vellum Face: Maybelline Pure Makeup: Light Lips:MAC:Snob,NYC clear lipgloss Mascara:Clinique Blackest Black Tools I Used: Brushes: 224,219,239,242,252,266,275...
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    My Bday Haul

    So I havent bought a single MAC item since December(@least w/my money).So i decided 2 pamper myself for a nite out w/my friends
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    What i used:Brushes:Essence of Beauty Foundation brush,MAC:217,219,266,252,239,190,242,275 Maybellen Dream Matte Mouse in;Buff Natural MAC Powder, MAC Paint Pot:Painterly MAC:Pigment:Vanilla MAC E/S:Shale and Moonreflection,Corduroy (not pictured) MAC Blush:Blushbaby MAC Lipglass:Amp Pink MAC...
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    Purple w/a punch of green

    I used: Face:Maybelline Matte Mouse in Natural Beige NYColors:Powder for set MAC E/S 4 the Brows:Corduroy Brushed:Essence of Beauty Foundation Brush MAC Brushes:116,217,219,239,242,252,266,275 Eyes:MAC E/S:Paint Pot:Bare Study,Parfait Amour,Satellite...
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    My World,my Love

    Where i keep my work of art Where i keep my brushes My Face Brushes: Essence of Beauty Foundatin Brush,Caboddle Blush Brush,Unknown Powder Brush,Caboddle Blush Brush,Sonia Kauski(dont know how 2 spell her name) Concelar Brush My only lip brush from Caboddle 224,217,242,239,219,252,227,275...
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    Tools: Brushes: 217 208 227 239 Sonia Kasuki(however u spell) Concelar brush Essence of Beauty Foundation Brush Cabodole Blush Brush Prep + Prime MAC Concelar NC25 MAC Foundation NC25 Studio Fix + MAC Powder MAC Bronzer in Golden Barbie Love MAC(4got the name) MAC E/S's:Swimming,Aquadisac,Star &...
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    10,000 yrs since ive posted

    here is a look.I dont have my laptop still & i had 2 burn these pix onto a Kodak CD so here is a recent look i did 4 a nite out This pix cuz i look HOT =D
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    Its been a long while

    Not pix is:Velum E/S,BLM Real Doll and MAC Piggie:Naked
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    I hauled 2day

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    My collection updated

    Back row:Brush cleaner,clinique sheer block,NYC Foundation,NYC Concealer, NYC Translucent Powder,MAC Prep + Prime,MAC Wipes Middle Row:Lash Grip,Fake Lashes, Wet & Wild Bronzer, Front Row:Ardell Brow Stencils,MAC Lashes #5, NYC Brush on Brow,MAC Powder NC25.Clinique Bronzer Essence of Beauty...
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    My Haul Swatch

    here is my swatch from my latest hauling
  14. MACFreak Haul

    here is my latest haul and swatch.which i will b putting also in the swatches section
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    i did this 4 a challenge