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    What is your favorite dazzleglass?

    Yeah, I know we have numerous threads talking about the new double dazzle collection and that thread's discussion about the d/g cover about 99.9% of the conversation there (not too much convo about the mascara..blech) so... i thought it'd be fun to discuss everyone's favorite dazzleglass(es)...
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    dubonnet rumored to be discontinued?

    after my disappointing trip to a nearby cco, i headed over to a MAC store inside roosevelt field mall (i live in nyc) - and spend aimlessly without thinking - one of the MAs tell me after looking at one of my purchases - my dubonnet lipstick - that this is going to be discontinued. can anyone...
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    some pics of leona lewis shopping at mac

    i was just randomly browsing through some korean site and found these. i personally don't think she's all that great but my boyfriend wants to pull all of his hair out whenever her song "bleeding love" plays on the radio. here's the link, enjoy. i was trying to guess the products she was...
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    palatial lustreglass is no longer on the mac website..

    i've had a discussion about this previously with few of the members but....i love the uniqueness of palatial's color, so...are there any other mac lipglasses that have similar color dimensions as palatial?
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    my day off haul

    I took a day off of work so I stopped by MAC! hehe. I got: -Bombshell lipstick -Lovelorn lipstick -Palatial lustreglass -Springbean lustreglass -Fashion Frenzy blush -Hipness blush -187 brush (my 3rd one!) Now I have almost all the pretty pink lippies that MAC offers!! (except for the LE ones...
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    My lunch haul

    Before I go ahead and mention today's haul, I would like to remind myself that since November, I've spent almost 1000 dollars on MAC alone. I took a nice brisk walk to the nearest MAC counter near my work during my lunch break(I work in Manhattan) and I purchased: -Light Flush MSF...
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    alicia key's make up on nye performance on carson daly

    did you guys see alicia key's performance on carson daly (nye?) i didn't particularly like her overall make up (her eyes were way too glittery) but her face and her cheeks had this beautiful pearlescent glow to it and i wonder what products she used. granted she had the stage lights but it was...
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    Hello! Great Site.

    Hi. I came across this site while I was trying to find images of the new metal x line that's coming out later on this month. I have to say I have stumbled upon what is going to be my favorite site from now on. =) I've always been make-up-curious since I was a very young girl and I still carry...
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    Bare Escentuals face color in "true"

    I'm a big cosmetic fanatic and it's good to come here and read things that make me realize that i'm not the only fanatic out there. After looking at some members' make-up collections, I do not feel so bad about MY enormous collection. =X hehe. I just want to post my love for BE face color in...