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    online make up artist courses

    for certification. is there such a thing? are there any reputable sites you know of? i am really considering this but i am a SAHM and live in the boonies. there isn't a place close by to drive to. so i was hoping there are valid make up courses online but after a few google searches - who...
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    Lovin' my bangs - why didn't i do this sooner?

    Before, After (Bangs in December), and After (Current). What a simple change to a look! I feel younger, lol.
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    Just Bang It!

    today: (i don't really like bangs but i saw a pic of bangs that i loved. so i showed it to my stylist and went for it. i just don't like hair in my eyes but these are good. it'll grow out if i can't handle them, lol.) [my previous hairstyle is my profile pic.]
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    need lipstick ideas!

    i need some mac recommendations - i am up for anything fun! (as long as it will look good on me ). i like wearing different shades of lipstick from nude to coral to plum. since i live in the boonies, i have to buy my mac online - of course the color swatches are hard to tell. i figure once...
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    New Hair Do'

    Before: After!: honestly, i am missing my length. i did go to a new stylist and was impressed with the cut and color. it's a bit shorter than i thought i would want but thankfully my hair grows fast. for now, i'm just gonna play around with the shorter layers and have fun.
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    is this a real mac item?

    New Mac 12 color shimmer eyeshadow Pallette NIB #005 - eBay (item 260275861809 end time Aug-23-08 14:05:12 PDT) just checking as i know there are fakes out there. is this for real? thanks to anyone who may know.
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    How long do you keep your MAC?

    do you hang on to your mac items? i know there are different timetables out there for eyeshadow, lipsticks, etc... i just can't bear to throw anything away ('cept for mascara - saving them for b2m ). so i have some items for a few years now. (i'll do the "sniff test" if need be). just...
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    smut help

    i need some rec's for smut (please see my profile pic for colors that would work on me). i would love to do a smokey eye with smut. TIA!
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    Easiest Way to Use a Pigment as Blush

    I have a few pigments that I would love to try as blushes. What is the easiest way to apply them? Thanks.
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    What e/s to go w/ blue-brown pigment?

    should i play up the blue or the brown or both? if so, what eyeshadow colors should i combine with it (not pigments please)? TIA!
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    New Do' & Highlights

    Every Spring/Summer - I get highlights, then go darker for winter so on Thurs. it was time for the change, here's the b4: and AFTER: I kept the length but had more layers put in. there's a frontal view in my profile, i just updated it.
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    EOTD - Bronze & Flare

    I used: montiego beige colour dose by lancome for base MAC Pink Bronze Pigment MAC Bronze E/S Milani Flare E/S MAC Dazzlelight E/S MAC Blitz & Glitz Fluidline Flirt! Big Flirt Thickening Mascara in Black Wink I updated my profile pic which shows full face.
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    Fav MAC scent

    so which are your fav? i have HUE: Greenify & HUE:Turquatic.
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    Purpley EOTD

    I used: Lancome Flamingo Coast Colour Dose Eye as a base Nars Maracaibo Cream E/S Lancome Mauve Lustre and Plumage E/S Clinique Sugar Sugar E/S to highlight Macroviolet E/L Benefit Eggplant Mascara the pics are not doing it justice. it looked really dark on me, i was pleased. thanks for...
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    St Patty's EOTD

    I had to work yesterday, so here are my eyes (i would show my face but i broke out bad , darn pg hormones!): i used: mac chartru paint as base smashing deadline e/s in inner corner mac humid mac dazzlelight to highlight brow mac blitz and glitz fluidline flirt! Big Flirt Thickening Mascara...