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    need an intermediary

    Ok, so I've got to get a cash payment out to someone but my access to US cash is very limited (I have a student's account at the bank). Would anyone be willing to mail someone some US cash for some paypal dinero????
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    fotd-MAC only???

    I've noticed almost everyone just posts MAC-related pics; does it have to be all about MAC (for the eyes, anyway)
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    Anyone tried "Garnier-Pure"

    I'm dying to try this stuff, but $$$$ is in short supply and I don't want to spend on something that may not be as great as its claims. Anyone have an exp. with this stuff??
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    The water's RED!

    I got my hair coloured about 2 weeks ago and everytime I wash my head I still red RED foam and RED water! It's driving me nuts. The red's all over my towel too. My hairdresser said it's normal. But 2 weeks?! Help!
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    L'Oreal Color Juice

    I find them a bit too sticky for my tastes. Otherwise good colour, high glossy shine.