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    Lipstick to pair with MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment?

    I am looking for a recommendation on what MAC lipstick to pair with Copper Sparkle pigment. Anything pink-hued or plum-hued looks hideous with it, at least on me, anyway. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Anybody know any ideas for temp work??

    Anybody have any ideas as to any computer/internet work? Places to get paid for typing things out for people, writing things, editing/proofreading things, surveys that aren't bs, anything? I am in desperate need for temporary work since my school semester ended yesterday, but I haven't been...
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    I must enter a title/subject!!!!!!!!! ;O)

    Used MAC SFF stilife paint, corn shadestick old gold pigment, teal pigment on lid pink bronze pigment and mulch e/s as bottom lid liner cg black eyeliner, zoomlash mascara in zoomblack mac northern lights msf and benefit dallas on cheeks Lovemate lipstick In some pics, Snowgirl lipglass was...
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    But my intentions are practical inventions forgot to mention I'm insane by definition

    I think I'll call this Drama Queen eyes...very dramatic color for a BAM! nighttime look! Comes complete with Drama Queen scowl in some photos, haha. Both sets of pictures feature the same products, except they are just applied more heavily in the bottom set for nighttime. USED MAC Stilife...
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    Goldie Lawn, and Red Hot Mistake.

    Pic Heavy!!!!!! Look 1 USED stilife paint and overcast shadestick as bases All that glitters on lid with some expensive pink es on the outer lid portion Gold metal pigment in crease and above sable e/s as bottom lid liner pollen es under brow mulch on brows CG black eyeliner, great lash...
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    1, 2, 3, OK look CRAZY!

    2 LOOKS included here! First LOOK: Used: MAC stilife paint as base, gracious me shadestick as base fuchsia pigment inner lid, Bright fuchsia pigment outer lid golden lemon/golden olive/RR blue pigments on bottom lid pollen under brow cg black eyeliner, zoomlash mascara bare mineral rose...
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    After're my wonderwall.

    im on a roll tonight..or ate too many rolls at dinner..or both used mac stilife paint as base, overcast shadestick as base mi lady red inner lid, dark soul piggie outer lid pollen e/s as highlight, tempting on brows benefit dallas and northern lights msf on cheeks dubonnet l/s with red romp l/g...
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    Silver and Gold - Metal X debut~!

    Used MAC Stilife paint as base, overcast shadestick on upper lid Pure Ore e/s as liner Silver fog pigment as wash, pollen es under brow tempting on brow CG black eyeliner, Clinique mascara New Vegas MSF, Northern Lights MSF = cheeks Syrup lipstick with Happening Gal l/g over it...
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    I can smell a pig from a mile away.

    The cam made this look more "harsh" than it was in real life. It was actually blended nicely, but you know how much cameras can drastically change things. I used: MAC Stilife Paint as base, Shimmersand Shadestick as base Teal pigment as liner Blue Brown pigment as wash Pollen es as brow...
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    Anyone have a scan or pdf of the Paul Mitchell Shines Color Swatch Book?

    Paul Mitchell Shines Color Swatch Book - any color swatches online? Thanks.
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    Diorshow in Black vs. Diorshow Blackout?

    Diorshow in Black vs. Diorshow Blackout mascaras? Which is better? Do you even notice a difference?
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    MAC - Pro Loose Beauty Powders and Reflects Glitters Swatches -Sept 07

    I have no access to a pro store so I have to go by yall's swatches in order to purchase by phone. BEAUTY POWDERS Paperwhite Drizzlegold Micro Pink Natural Flare Lightly Lilac Daisydust Dancing Light Peach Haze REFLECTS GLITTERS Reflects Copper Reflects Bronze Reflects Purple Duo Reflects...
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    Great Smokey Eyelids!!!!!

    Posting an FOTD to get my mind off of some things. It won't work, but it'll at least keep me busy. Here's a smokey-eye look, which you practically never see on me, thanks to my new overcast shadestick making my silver fog pigment pop. This post is already therapeutic because I just laughed at...
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    Green Brown pigment

    I swear, Green Brown is so pretty! It reminded me of Old Gold Pigment and Golden Olive pigment mixed at a perfect ratio. Then I got to wondering... Has anyone on here mixed their OWN pigments, and done the Old Gold/Golden Olive combo? If so, how did it compare to Green Brown?
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    \\Neutral Eyes, Bright Lips |i| Blue Absinthetic Coco //

    LOOK 1: :: and the crowd gasps in horror as she takes a shot at neutral eyes and bold lips...and fails!!! :: I am definitely more of a bold eyes kind of girl, as you can see below! FACE: Studio Fix N3, Shimpagne MSF, Petticoat MSF, Lightscapade MSF EYES: Stilife Paint, Shimmersand...