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    Getting eyes to stand out!

    I wear lots of black eyeliner on top and on bottom. I think I have small eyes and probably think they are making them stand out by doing this but actually I don't think they do and I hear the rule is that it actually makes them look smaller. I also find that wearing so much makes me look grungey...
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    Foundation Problems!

    I have moderate acne so I use the real thick CG Aquasmooth foundation. I thought I was a creamy natural but in the car mirror it looks a little too pink for me. So I tried natural ivory (a lighter color) and it seems a little too white for me. and in pictures it makes me look ghostly! Beware...
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    Ok, yes I am probably the only person on this site who has never owned a mac product, but I am only 14, I don't rake in any kind of cash, but I want to try-out before I buy the full product. On e-bay I see a lot of sample sized pigments, can they REALLY be used as eyeshadows? I don't want...
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    HTML and Websites.

    Well I'm trying to start a new at-home DIY clothing line. I've seen it done before and I really like the idea! Well I'm making a website that I'm going to sell them on, maybe e-bay as well, but I have a question about HTML. My website: It's...
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    Diet Recipes & Tips?

    Okay I am dead serious about losing weight these days. Schools right around the corner... Kind of want to lose around 25 lbs since I'm nearly 140 right now. What are some great practicle recipes and tips for weight loss? I probably will not be able to get to the gym 3 times a week. But I DO...