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This happened to me during VIB. For whatever reason, you can only find products on desktop. Happens for me for Chanel on Saks mobile, too.


lol yup. I thiiiiiiiink on nordies or NM too (I can't remember which.)

It's like: Dang, Chanel, get with the times. LOL! I do a ton of ordering through apps and such.


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LOL Ergggg I just ordered 01 Matte and 06 Paris Muse... I hope I will like them
I LOVE Paris Nudes. More so than Sultry.
We ordered from Tatcha. Sabrina and us had a mini-tangent about the Tatcha LE lip, so technically I guess it doesn't belong on here. :p
no problem. I was searching frantically. I kinda figured it was on their site.
Man how do you know everything!! LOL


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tatcha sunrise 1.jpg tatcha sunrise.jpg fotd sunrise 4.jpg
Not to add to the frenzy, but the Tatcha Plum Blossom lipstick is absolutely, completely, and thoroughly (is that enough descriptors?) stunning. I love it from top to tail. The packaging is exquisite. Worth every single penny.
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That Tatcha lipstick is stunning on everyone I've seen it on! I'm glad to hear everyone is enjoying it. To be honest, I thought Tom Ford's lippies were disappointing, so I've been hesitant to go over the $30ish range since then.

I also wanted to share an app I just found out about. It's called Ibotta and is a coupon-ing type app. Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because, if you spend $35 or more in store, you get $5 back. I've used it 3 times now. Works well! The only thing with the app is you can't withdraw the money into PayPal or Venmo until you have $20 in rebates. I've also used the app when grocery shopping and such too though. Anyway, I just wanted to share in case anyone is interested. Sorry if it's already been mentioned before!


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I got the new Nudestix lip & cheek pencil in Purity today & got the freebie one in Stiletto. I LOVE both on! Purity is a MLBB more mauve nude kind of shade. I love it on my cheeks as well. Stiletto is a hot sexy slight orange tinged red. They are both beautiful mattes, but smooth soft & creamy.