Best kabuki brush - recommendations


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Originally Posted by gigiopolis
My favourite's the 182. Next in line would be the Ecotools retractable kabuki! It's more comparable to the 181 though, but it does a great job and it's super soft and cheap!

ITA ... the new ECOTOOLS retractable Kabuki is soft, effective and comparatively inexpensive. I love the convenience of a retractable brush.


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I just used my 182 for the first time today and I will never use another kabuki brush ever! Been using the BE kabuki and wow what a difference. I am glad I took everyone recommendation and picked the 182 up yesterday, well worth the money spent!


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Absolutely -- the 182 so far has been a joy to use


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I have to Kabuki brushes that I love and couldn't chose between. First is the MUFE HD Kabuki and the second is the Too Faced retractable Kabuki. Love them both.


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I have an ED Minerals Kabuki which looks nice and is very soft but it sheds a bit which is a pain and I have a BE Kabuki which works well as long as I wash it very regularly.


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you can't go wrong with 182.
i recently bought ecotools bronzer brush and it is amazingly soft and densely packed. it only costs $10 and it's BOGOF at riteaid right now!
Hey there, I guess you have already made you mind but in my opinion, the best brushes for applying mineral makeup are ELF Studio face kabuki and the flat top face brush. Both amazing for an unbeatable price.
Do I drop mad cash on the 182? I dropped 30 canadian bones on one from lise waitier a little while ago, nice, dense soft and all that, but it's my third kabuki brush that leaves sh*&ty little hairs all over my face and I'm sick of it! Anyone know of any non shedding, slightly cheaper ones that will blow me away? I used a friends Chanel kabuki brush a while back and it was beautiful, and cheaper than the 182. However, I only used it on her face twice so I'm skeptical.


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i have the MAC 182 but i ALWAYS reach for my Real Techniques Kabuki brush...

It is just so soft and buffs in powder amazingly well <3

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