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Blending to POP!(for Asian girls or crease problem)


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Thank you so much for this tutorial, I have so many eyeshadows but I never used them since I didnt know how to blend and it always look ugly when I use eyeshadow but thanks to this tutorial, I am finnaly able to blend and use eyeshadows ^^.


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It's a wonderful tutorial .. indeed it's useful for our Asian girls


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Originally Posted by parfait
i'm trying to recreate this look but mac doesn't have untitled in paint anymore! are there any other alternatives?

if you want a matte neutral base, try the paint pot in painterly


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i have a question regarding the Ardell false lash, did you (she) by any chance trim the inner lashes cause I have small eyes too when I use false lashes the inner corner lashes are long. Or are the Ardell 118 lashes made like that?
Oh wow! Thanks for this tutorial! I really liked that you took the time out to point out exactly what you did and where you did it. I really liked the colors you used! I am going to look them up right now!


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amazing job!!! I ENVY asian eyes, you guys can make your eyes look soooo amazing! Sigh i guess we always want what we dont have!

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