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Blending to POP!(for Asian girls or crease problem)


You're a GOD ..ess!!!!!
I find your tuts so helpful as im half black & half filipina but i have the small "asian" crease. Pleeeeease dont ever stop with the tutorials & fotds!



wow... ur tutorials are amazing.. thank you for sharing.. i really like how you do ur makeup.. u make me want to go out and buy everything u used..


New member
i'm trying to recreate this look but mac doesn't have untitled in paint anymore! are there any other alternatives?

Miss World

Well-known member
great tutorial ^_^ I actually love all of your tutorials... you always take the time to detail everything.. thank you so much


Well-known member
Yay! A smokey eye tutorial for asian eyes. Thanks so much, I definately want to try this out!


Active member
You make everything look sooooooooo easy!

But, I'm sure you have perfected almost everything by now!

I love it allllllllllllllllll.


Great tut. I am a make-up artist and have been asked to do bridal make-up on an asian girl so this has helped a great deal. Thank you so much. Do you have any bridal looks or tips you could give me for asian girls. Many thanks once again. Dawn x

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