Chanel Spring 2015


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I just gasped when I saw Paradisio polish.
That and the blush for me.

Alessandra Steinherr @alexsteinherr | Websta (Webstagram)


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I just gasped when I saw Paradisio polish. :eyelove:  That and the blush for me.  Alessandra Steinherr @alexsteinherr | Websta (Webstagram)
I admit I had a shock when I saw a green shade , but having studied the pic I must admit it reminds of a Dior spring collection seen a couple of years ago, while the green orange eye palette reminds me of guerlain "attrappe coer" .... Spring 2013 (but I'm not sure about the name). Incidentally, it seems Tom Pecheux is in charge a global director of make up , isn't it?


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So excited for the green nail polish,
I was so tired of all the reds they were releasing one after another.

Can't wait!!!


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This will be a big haul for me! I want the camellia blush and the regular blush. Interested in both quads. The dark rouge allure velvet. Paradiso is a must.


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Wow. This looks amazing. There's not one thing in that photo that I cpuld be convinced to buy.