Chanel Spring 2015


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It is the Le Perle. I skipped the re-promotes. I got the Rhapsodie #228 quad, 102 d'ombre, the lipstick 158, lip glosses in Tutu 91 and Corset 92, blush in 250 Crescendo, eyeliner 916. I did not purchase the 5 pan lip glosses. I hate that type of packaging. The gloss Tutu looks good over the 158 lipstick.
Awesome!!! I got confused because there's a separate thread for La Perle, and I thought I somehow missed a release. I am so right there with you regarding the lip
palette, and I skipped it too. I got everything else that you did except for the lip products.


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Read the recent review on the lip palette. Seems dupable to me, and again, in the past my experience these things just get yucky, sticky, messy.


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I am (shamefully) just starting to use my spring goodies now! I've had them since Christmas, but the weather has been so unspringlike here in CT! Yesterday I wore Angelique blush and La Petillante, both are SO gorgeous! Now I am ready to start wearing my other stuff too. I had better wear it all at least once before the summer stuff comes out haha

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