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I'm debating the Rose and Black Cassis lipsticks, but I want more swatches and to know the potential dupes first! I might have bought another MM if they hadn't jacked up the prices. I'm also considering the cheek cream, but I have, and love, my Chanel cream blushes.
Thanks for reminding me about the Chanel ones. I did make a mistake on my last post. I did add a powder blush on top of the creme cheek. I just forgot and when I looked at it in the afternoon, my cheeks did not look powdery at all. So I don't know that the creme blush lasted all day by itself. I also looked at the Tom Ford cheek creme and they look to be the same size.


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I used the Blonde Gold shadow this morning and honestly, it applies on the eye more opaquely than it swatches. I had no issues with it, it's really pretty


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Beauty Gypsy has video swatches on her IG story.
My Blonde Mink was delivered to my shipping co. days ago but with that awful flooding going on in FL I'm not expecting it to be delivered anytime soon.
I hope it holds up OK.


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Most of the collection is up on Net A Porter. From a quick glance I didn't see the blush or the powder.

I picked up the two eyefoils, the aura gloss and the blue eyeliner. The foils and Aura are cheaper (at least for the European prices). I let go of the eyeshadow duos, the mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss. If I would have the money I probably would have gotten those too :)

After first thought of using some of the products, I really regret the grey eyeliner (I can't see myself using it, it goes everywhere), the Victoria lipstick (just don't like the shade) and the eye metal in Blonde Gold. I'll see if if someone wants them or else give them to my mom to see if she would like them.


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I used my quad for a smokey look this morning and I love how it came out! The infamous gray shade honestly applies fine over a base (I use a Mac Paint Pot) and I really like the tone. It's almost invisible when you swatch it, but a brush picks it up. It's great for a daytime smokey look.


I'm really glad I picked up the new eye kajals. I really liked it back when the first collection launched too (actually, it was the only product for which I bought a backup), and the two new shades didn't disappoint me either. They are creamy, can be smudged out nicely and I found them to be long wearing (although I do wear a base, so that probably helped).
As it was mentioned here before, the new eye metal isn't really opaque, but it's a nice topper on the lid. One day I used the sapphire eyeliner, smudges out on the the top part a little, and applied blonde gold eye metal on top, and I liked how it turned out to be. But yea, you can get the same effect from a 5 dollar ColourPop SSS as well, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend this product as a must have.
As for the skin perfecting powder - I'm still really not sure if it's that much better than any mid-range setting powder. It definitely makes my skin look better than my drugstore powders, I give it that. The compact is pretty too. So it's a nice product, but as with pretty much everything in this collection, a tad bit overpriced.
I haven't yet had the time to try more of the new products from this release (I have the cheek cream, the eye foils, the eyeliner, the smudgy liner, 2 lipsticks and the desert heat lipgloss).

Also, our local Estee Lauder said on their facebook that the collection is soon coming here too, so I guess other countries will be getting it too if it haven't launched there already.


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I ordered the Java/Vanilla kajal duo and Modern Merciry from Selfridges. I'm extremely pleased with both. The lid of the Java side was difficult to get off, and I ended up messing the tip of the liner up when I finally removed the cap, but I sharpened it and it's wonderful. Of course Modern Mercury is gorgeous as well. I am debating purchasing a backup of both items as well as Morning Aura, Burnished Rose lipstick, and possibly the pressed powder.


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I was surprised to find the VB stuff at a B&M Sephora last weekend. I did not see the blush though but they did have Modern Mercury. I guess they stocked enough this time around.


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Ordered an eye pencil for my mom from the official site in my country, and the quality check this year is horrible.
One of the lids is like glued to the pencil, no way to get it off. I tried to cut the lid open but not budging at all.

I hope they will take it back but I doubt it. I got most of it this year but I def. feel the quality isn't as high as last year.


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image2.jpg image1.jpg

so this is the (butchered) eye pencil I'm talking about, right is the new lipgloss that was sealed in a package

I'm going to ask for a replacement eye pencil. I butchered it trying to get it off and it just won't budge.

But honest question, is it normal that the lipgloss is looking like it dried up in the tube? All the promo images show a full tube. I don't really wear lipgloss and the only see through tube I have is from Anastasia but it does not look like this. I also ordered the other lipgloss and that one looks fine.

I have not opened the tube, should I ask for a new one or just suck it up and use this one? It just reminds me of my dried up paint points... - NVM,I ended up opening it. It's really thick and sticky, the clear one however seems a different formula with mine and it's very nice.

I don't know, maybe I'm expecting too much but I feel for the price I'm very let down and I need somewhere to vent.
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I'm really interested in purchasing the Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham matte lipstick in Black Cassis - has anyone got this and what do you think?

I really want to know what its like before I purchase, I think £38 is quite pricey for a lipstick!! Just don't want it to be too drying otherwise I'll feel like I've wasted all that money.

Thanks xx

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