Everything You Need To Know About Accessing The Clearance Bin


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50 posts?? I'm more of a reader not a poster... :-/ *sigh*
My thoughts exactly... But you now have triple that (congrats!), and this will be #13 for me. I did take a break for a while though, I went on a mad makeup shopping binge (k maybe more than one...), and cut myself off from any & all temptations. More than wanting to reach a certain number of posts though, hoping I can be more active and be part of the community. Except whenever I'm about to reply/post, and my cursor is blinking in this white box I think I get some weird form of beauty forum writers block.


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Any chance of having the waiting period for members in December waived as some sort of Christmas miracle? Lol im soooooo eager to get going


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Oh ouch. Makes me wish I'd been more active from the get to, figures I should miss that. 20 to 50 is a bit more, yeah ... but good to know!

(Oops! No idea why this was placed here, was supposed to reply to the increase in needed posts someone asked about some pages ago)