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Guide to Pigment Pressing (PIC HEAVY)


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Man, you made that look like your quad was from the company. Bravo, for the steps. You made those steps look like a breeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzee.


I did this too... i turned out really good. i did all the steps && then two days later i dropped it. It turned back into pigments it was crazy inno what was wrong with it


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cool this is alot easier to understand then the ones i've seen on you tube. gotta put this in my favorites. thank you for posting this.


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Great tut. Thanks!

I bought a nail tool that is used to clean out under the nails and push back cuticles to scoop pigment. It looks like a tiny metal shovel. Because it is metal, I can easily sanitize it before I scoop pigments (and no, I don't use it on my nails as well-yuck!

BTW, I love the coin. I would sanitize the hell out of that coin, skip the patterned paper and have cute little roos in my shadow imprint.

Thanks again.


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I just tried this with 70% alcohol, some of my Fyrinnae shadows, and other loose shadows, and it didn't work too well. As soon as I put it on the flat iron it began boiling....I put my iron on the lowest setting so i don't understand why. Then the boiling made all these holes in the shadow and it got pretty hard. I haven't swatched it so I'm not sure if it worked.

Some of the shadows I didnt heat up because they would boil, so I left them for like 7-8 hours while I went to work, and I came back and they are really soft (one of my Fyrinnae ones crumbled)

Maybe I'm doing something wrong??


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Originally Posted by mezzamy
i'm thinking that it's around 1/2 tsp. i had some 1/4 tsp samples that i tried to press but they didnt really fill the pan up enough and they didnt press well so im assuming they are fake (the texture was really weird and crumbly). i recently pressed Vanilla pigment using the vial from the Dress Sets collection and I used about 1/4 to 1/3 of the vial

Did you buy on ebay? If so would you happen to remember the name of the seller?


Whoa... thanks SO much for the step by step illustrated instructions. I'm having trouble, making a mess with pigments, would rather make eyeshadows! Thank you!


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Can't get enough of these tutorials... I've been searching for a lot so I can press my own as soon as I get them!


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Very genius! I wonder if this can be done witha mix of glitter AND pigment. I'll try one day. But, I doubt it will turn out right. Hehe.

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