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Guide to Pigment Pressing (PIC HEAVY)


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Hi, loved your tutorial, im going to try it out for myself, but i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get pans that fit the palette in scotland, as i cant seem to find any,

many thanks


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I am super excited to try this out. I was wondering if any one has tried this with mineral make up that is in a power and if this would change the colour?



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Thanks so much for this great tutorial! I used it to press 8 pigments last week. The only difference was I used the pressing medium from Coastal Scents instead of isopropyl alcohol. I think the CS one has isopropyl alcohol, plus a binder to make the pigment stick together better (such as an oil). I also used little plastic spatulas from CS to mix everything together and to scoop the pigment out of the container. I just air dried the finished eyeshadows afterwards instead of using heat. I had to wait probably about 12 hours before I pressed them since that's about how long they took to dry. And I used a clamp to press the quarter in, rather than just using my hand. This method works great, and now my pressed eyeshadows look better than my store-bought MAC ones. It was fun, too. It was kind of messy, but now I have a great finished product.


Great tut - i've used the BYS pans, but never thought to dry with a straightener before! Thanks for the tip

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