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What is everybody getting? I am so excited about this collection and wish that I could afford to get everything... just don't have enough money.

Does anybody know the prices for everything from HK? Trying to plan my budget... DH is giving me £100 for our anniversary to spend and I had a GC from the US for $50 and ordered Too Dolly pallette and Tahitian BP.

I still want to get...

Mimmy l/g
Sweet Strawberry l/g
She Loves Candy l/g
Strayin l/s
Cute-ster l/s
Fun & Games BPB
Milk piggie
Lucky Tom pallette
Medium makeup case

Maybe a few things from Kitty Kouture collection but have to look first.


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I was very excited for this collection. So siked that i have put a freeze on MAC for a couple of months now. I even stood away from specktra becuz i knew it'd break my heart, but HK is here and.....I was upset. the collection is really sheer, and I'd be careful with what I would purchase. I did want the compact mirror but is sold out! dangit!


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I'm getting

Pretty baby b/p
Pink Fish l/c
Fashion Mews l/s
Strayin l/s
Big Bow l/s
Cutester l/s
Two glosses, can't remember the names
Tippy blush


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I'm only getting Cutester and Big Bow lipsticks. I was soooo excited about this collection when I first heard about it, but I think it has been over-hyped.


I want to know the prices too! Seeing the swatches I'm not sure yet if I want any of the eyeshadow palettes or lippies!...So here's my list so far:

Medium bag
Brush set
Beauty powder...both
Beauty powder blush...both
Key clip
Tinted lip conditioner....both
The pink and grey nail laquer

I'm still debating on the vanity case....i love this collection for the packaging and dont want to spend what i dont have so I'm aiming more to the accessories! I guess I'll have to see the rest in person to decide!


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only getting fast friends,nice kitty and sweet strawberr. was going to get a blush but i think i'll wait for grand duos


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I think I have been dragged into the hype-realistically I only want:

Pink Fish
Fun and Games
Key Chain

But I keep adding more to my list that I can't afford!!


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I expected to be really keen on this collection as I like HK, but I don't like the design of the packaging with the grey swirls and the retro look. The brush holder with the black face just looks odd. It's good that they've tried to come up with something different to the usual Kitty stuff, but it doesn't appeal to me at all.

I like the look of Tippy, but I have too many similar blushes so I'll probably pass on that. I *thought* I'd get Most Popular since it was a glaze, but it seems to be a lustre so I'm not so keen now. :-/ I'd love the Sheer Mystery Powder just for the compact, but I know for sure I'd regret blowing that much money on something I'd never use.


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I just received an e-mail invite to the previews at High St Ken or Covent Garden - I'd be delighted if I didn't live 500 miles away.

Oh well, I hope others who get the e-mail are able to attend. I'll be contenting myself with the online preview from 08:00 on Thursday 26th.


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I got invited too
: yahoo:. Can you tell that I am excited. I am definately going and can't wait to get everything.


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annoyingly i got the invite too but don't live near lodon so can't go. but i have registered for the online preview! i wonder if that inculdes kitty koture...


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I got my invite
I'm dragging my boyfriend after work as none of my friends could make it. And i've booked my first make over for the 7th March at HOF in bluewater so now doubly excited!

I think i'm going to get most of this collection. I got a little pay rise beginning of the year, i've paid all my bills for this month, I think i'm allowed to go a little nuts one just the one collection
Going to get the glitter liners, pigments, nail lacquers and accessories at the event and get the MUA opinion on what palette and lipsticks would suit best. Can't wait!!


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i signed up but didnt get the email!!!!! mac never email me any offers and i shop every month from them lol

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