Hello Kitty


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It seems a bit hit and miss with the tracking info and dispatch e-mails lately. I didn't get an e-mail to tell me my last order had been sent out, but the tracking details were available. With an order previous to that, the status remained at 'In Warehouse' even once I had received it and that had happened before.

Never mind, glad your stuff made its way to you!


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got my 2nd order today!!! still says in warehouse on the website, but I has it in my hands! Has a big 'next day delivery' sticker on it, but i ordered it on Friday... and didn't pay for next day delivery... Odd.

Oh well, MORE HELLO KITTY GOODIES! My sister WILL be pleased!


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Originally Posted by vocaltest
I really can't remember
Sorry! Maybe one of the bags?! I know it wasn't any of the actual makeup, just one of the accessories!

No worries hun. I'm trying to resist the urge to buy the larger makeup bag. Hopefully they're all sold out now and I wouldn't be able to get one in a moment of weakness anyway